Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh boy.

I saw my life flash before my eyes today!!!!!!!!!!!

First, I went to my meeting with my boss and she had several of us there. So she was handing out the leftover books, and this other guy took them first, so he grabbed the Spider Ridge Road book. I asked him if I could have it because that is basically my neighborhood. He was kinda jerky about it. I could positively KICK that guy right now.

I got the Bull Run Road book. Lovely road, Bull Run. < / sarcasm> It is gravel most of the way. Well. This one driveway, it looked a bit muddy, but I truly didn't think anything about it, living on MY driveway like I always have, so I started down it. OMGoodness - I thought I was done for. My van went SIDEWAYS (still on all 4 wheels, but cross-ways in the road) UGH. I got it straightened, made it up the next rise, and decided to stop while I could. I called Kevin and was nearly crying. I decided to have a giggle fit instead. I was a wreck, even though I didn't actually wreck! lol

The owner of the Most Horrible Driveway in WV came up behind me at that point and he was very nice. He got in my van and got it about halfway out. But he asked me to get out and go ahead and walk up to wait for him, because he was gonna try to turn it around and come up the hill front-ways :) My poor van it scraped and drug and sounded awful, but luckily he finally got it out with no damage. At least none we could tell.

Well, after that ordeal, you'd think I would be smart enough to get on home, but OH NO not me! lol

I kept plugging away. It was DUMPING down the rain. I finally had to go pee bad enough to try and find me a place. I had to go clear back out to Route 2 to a gas station. I went in and asked where the RR was and she said out back and to the left. It was a porta-potty. WITH NO DOOR HANDLE. So basically I had to hold the door with my finger nails while trying to pee and pull up my britches.

If it was more private it would have been nice. But unfortunately for me I had an audience. UGH

Stupid rednecks. :-p

After that, I went home.

I am so exhausted from the stress and nerves!!! But I hafta go to work tonight too. Ahh well... tomorrow has GOT to be better, right?!



  1. Oh. My. Goodness... What an adventure!

  2. Mama said there would be days like this!!! Girl, it's gotta be a better day!

    Ya'll have a marvelously blessed day sweetie!

  3. I know that this was tramatic for you, but I can't help but laugh at the your hysterical retelling of it. :)

  4. ((((((hugs!!!)))))) I'm so sorry - but this is gonna make one heck of a "remember when" story in a few years!