Thursday, May 06, 2010

Idk how people do this!

I have been working this week. How do people manage to keep on top of all their stuff - their kids, their house, feeding everyone, getting any time at all with their hubbies?!?! When they work?

Of course I am working two jobs, but really, I get to sleep (somewhat) there, and my kids are in bed and my hubby at work while I am there. But boy it just seems like I am missing an awful lot by working!

But I am REALLY enjoying it!!!!! I have worked nearly 30 hours this week on the census. And I have seen people and roads and places I haven't got to see in YEARS. It is wonderful.

I keep meaning to take my camera, because let me tell ya folks, West Virginia has some BEAUTIMOUS backroads. I have passed this one area several times, it has an over hanging of rock on a creek that is JUST GORGEOUS.

and some of the old farm houses and barns. Wow. I really wish I had my camera.

Of course, there are some dumpier areas too. Once I thought I was gonna fall right through the wooden porch! EEK. And cats and dogs, I think everyone has cats and dogs!!!! The cats usually keep their distance, and the dogs usually try to lick me or sniff me to death! Luckily none have tried to bite me yet.

And some of my maps are simply NOT ACCURATE. I promise there are places on them that DO NOT EXIST.

I spent quite a bit of time yesterday and today trying to figure where the heck this one road/house was supposed to be. Never did find it. Asked every neighbor I could find, and since 911 recently changed everyone's house numbers, of course no one had a clue!

I think I have a sunburn maybe. It may be windburn. (You may have noticed my complainy FB status...)

and my eyes. OH MY EYES. They are tired and burning. :-p

So yes, I am gonna go to bed, since I am being EXCESSIVELY cranky with my poor children!

Carry on, carry on. I will still be here plugging away :)

Hope you all are doing well!!


  1. I'm sayin'. I taught all the time mine were at home and when I retired I don't know how I managed to do everything I did. Ironically it seem I have less free time once I retired. What's up with that???

    Ya have a blessed day sweetie and a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! :o)