Thursday, April 22, 2010


I dug two post holes yesterday and my mom told me not to dig anymore. Because Daddy has a post-hole-digger on his tractor. YES!

Do you know how hard it is to dig post holes in red clay mud? It is a bit difficult, I will put it that way :) Boy I tell ya, though. I think they should have let me dig the others, I bet I would have had some chiseled shoulders by then end of it ;)

Oh well. My shoulders are hurting today, but we are also digging out a spot for our barn today! YAY!

We are TRYING to get ready for our two new horses! :)

We went up to Zville not long ago to visit with my parents-in-law and see the horses. We loved them immediately. they were all sweet tempered, friendly, and seemed to really like the kids.

So we decided to go ahead and get them!!

So Saturday we are headed back up to the Zville to pick em up :)

The two we are getting now (we would love to get the third) are part Tennessee Walker. And they are gaited!! :D

The other one is part Fox Trotter, and also gaited.

(I may have that all confused, actually, now that I think on it...)

We are getting one gelding and one Mare.

The gelding is named Stroker Ace, and the mare is Mary :)

Kela has claimed Ace, and Cassie - Mary to take to horse camp. But we will see how that works out. Next year if Faith wants to go to camp, she can take Babe :) This year she is going to Younger Camp :)

Sooooo....anyhow. We are trying to get a bit of work done around here to get horse ready :)

I also went to look at another goatie :D

Lil ole Jackson needs a buddy. He gets so lonely, it is so sad to listen to him whine after us when we leave him! So this little fella will be ready to come home with us next montha nd Jackson will have a friend! :D

I think that is all I wanted to say. My brain isnt working real well. I am pretty exhausted from working at night. The gentleman feels the need to check and see if I am still in there sleeping about ten times a night ;) He turns the light on and when I ask him if he needs anything he says, "No." So I say "Ok, I am going back to sleep then." and he says, "Ok, if that is what you wanna do!"

Isnt that hilarious?

Maybe you gotta be there, but I find it quite funny :)

Ok. I better get back out there to see if Daddy or Kevin need any water. Working on those big ole tractors can make a man thirsty ;)


  1. Oh, my! What an adventure you life is these days!

  2. Heeehehe! I find it quite funny. You are lookin' after him and he is checkin' in on you. I wouldn't even try to dig a post hole without the tractor 'round here....too much rock! Have fun with the horses, I can't wait for pics!

    God bless and have the best day!!!

  3. oh what fun L...can't wait to see pics!! You ARE a busy little beaver!!

  4. Don't you love doing a tough job and then learning that it could have been easier? But hey, I'm sure your shoulders look great! :D