Wednesday, April 07, 2010

So. I am a busy gal

I have

9 goats

4 children

3 nieces

3 babysitting kids sometimes a 4th too

We are supposed to go up to Zanesville a few weekends for the girls to try out some horses for horse camp.

Plus I am TRYING to help the girls finish up schoolwork BEFORE JUNE!!! EEEK!!!

Well. Ok. It doesn't look like I am that busy, but trust me I am! :)

But I sure do have me a good life! The only thing missing right now is a barn and a pool. And, well, also, my motivation to eat healthy and exercise!! I hate to think about my weight right now. It looks as if I am starting over. Sad, but true. I hope I can do it, with my menus and with the nice weather coming on :)

Oh! So I have been reading Louis L'Amour books. Good books. They FOR SURE make me grateful for:

1. Indoor plumbing
2. Running water
3. My comfy dry house
5. That I do not have to kill or catch animals to eat, it is already done for me...and I don't have to worry where my next meal is coming from
6. Did I mention MY BED???? haha
7. Soap
8. My gas stove and oven
9. Indoor plumbing & HOT running water (FOR REALS!)
10. That people don't shoot people anymore (well. you know what I mean. like all the time you had to carry a gun.)


  1. You do have a lot on your plate! :)

  2. LOL. It's the small things, right? ;-) It's good to "see" you!

  3. Oh the good life of a farm chick, never a dull moment. We laugh around the Ponderosa about my spare time. I don't know how I ever taught school and did all I do...must of lost my cape somewhere! Heehehe!

    God bless and have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

  4. Too busy for an Idol commentary? You know I count on them each week, lol.

  5. Oh my! That's a lot of kids... and goats :)

    lol! Indoor plumbing! That is something to be thankful for! We went to Mount Vernon and I thought it was so strange that someone as important as George Washington didn't even have a toilet in his house!

  6. Wow! At least you are keeping your priorities straight in the midst of all of the busy-ness!