Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol again :)

Shania Twain!!! I am gonna know every word tonight YES!!!!!!

LEE! I LOVE LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He sang Still the one. Best song for him, and the judges all agreed. He was awesome It was like his softer side. I LOVED IT. He sang BEAUTIFULLY!

Big Mike sang It only hurts when I breathe. Tacky. Randy is crazy. He is not in any zone except a boring one. Ellen is nuts too, he was BORING. Kara is just a broken record. And Simon at least can spot it ;) WET. Sappy? The opposite of dry... a little girly feeling!! hahaha YES SIMON! Simon is HILARIOUS.

Casey singing Don't... I bet it will be pretty :) Oh yum. Casey is hot stuff. Ohh. Sorry... back to bloggin the song... He is still not the best singer. Kela says he kinda sounds like a goat sometimes. Hmmm... I think she is right! Over all I liked it. So did the judges. Best Performance So Far.

Crystal - No one needs to know right now! I love cheerful songs :) Crystal is SO CUTE!!!!!!!! I love it :) Love the harmonies :) Idk, though Crystal never seems nervous, but she did to me...Until the end! VERY GOOD! Randy said it wasnt his favorite... Ellen stammers a lot. Not her fave, but like she said Crystal is brilliant. Kara, IS RIGHT. But she is so full of it. Her fave word? Believable.. ugh. Simon did NOT like it. BUT he don't like country, big shocker!

Aaron - It's in the way you love me. He has such a great voice. If he wasn't such a BABY!! haha Randy and Ellen are right. Kara is so repetitive. Simon is right, he did really well tonight. :) Good voice, just SO YOUNG.

Siobhan - Any man of mine! MY FAVORITE SONG EVER! hahaha She did good. I knew she would. She is cute. I think she is a little too geeky, though, I don't know that she will go much further. Her version was very country though. Surprised me! And the end was pure Siobhan, I liked it! A LOT. Simon WON'T! OHH HE DID LIKE IT! He did not like the screaming, which is what every one else loves! hahaha Love the whole giving birth comparison ;) hehehehe


  1. You know, you are lucky that I do not follow this show, otherwise you would be ruining it for those of us out here on the West side. ;)
    But I love your enthusiasm about this show and it just cracks me up.

  2. I always assume west coast people who follow it won't read online til they are ready ;) hehehe

    I do love it, even though it gets REALLY boring at times... lol

  3. Thanks for the update girl! I'm so glad you are enjoying the show.

    God bless and have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

  4. I'm just glad you gave me a heads up, so I don't come and look until after I watch. Which, is usually Wed. 'cause we're Biggest Loser watchers on Tue night *wink* That being said - I pretty much agreed with Simon all night long, especially with regards to the screamer. Not a fan. If she isn't screaming, she's singing through her nose. Too nasal for me. I didn't really care for Crystal either, and you know I love her. I don't think it's her genre.