Monday, April 19, 2010


I didnt forget! :) Cassie and Faithy made up the menu this week :)

Monday - Chili (Cassie made it and it was delish!) with cornbread

Tuesday - Homemade Pizza

Wednesday - Cheeseburger Soup

Thursday - Hot turkey Sandwiches with mashed potatoes and green beans

Friday - Broccoli and chicken alfredo with pasta


  1. Your girlies have done a great job! Kudos to them. It's the best when your blessed with great helpers.

    Ya'll have a wonderful week!!!

    God bless ya sweetie :o)

  2. Ha! We had chili with cornbread last night. Ella make them. Okay, so I browned the meat and cut up the onions, but she did the rest.

  3. How old is Ella? Cassie is my chef. She LOVES to create meals :)

  4. Yum! Don't you love the extra help in the kitchen? My eldest three all cook now and I am getting a bit spoiled! :)

  5. Yes I do. I am spoiled according to Kevin!! LOL

    But hey, they enjoy it! :)