Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lots going on here

We got our horses home. I am working on posting some pics on the Farm website, so check there periodically if you would like to see them, and are not on my facebook :)

I am on day two so far of my training, and I think I am gonna enjoy my job. :)

Tonight I am working the night shift at the elderly couple's house. Cuz I don't work tomorrow for the census.

Kevin is having a terrible time with his wisdom teeth. He may have to have them surgically removed. Kela does NOT have to have her tonsils removed at this time. Hopefully never at all. But she was having such a time breathing this last time, I hope that doesn't happen again...

And I hope she doesn't grow up and then get told she has to have them out at age 28 or whenever. That is too rough!!

Anyhow...she is feeling better right now, and for that I am glad :) We are not into medicine and doctors and surgeries!

You may notice (or you may not have noticed) my lack of Menu... well... I am not cooking much, working 6 to 8 hours a day, and whatnot... So we have been a mess as far as eating. Maybe next week we can get back on track, since I will be on a much looser schedule with the Census.

I appreciate the census for its original purpose by the US Constitution - that of counting people so that they may have correct representation in the congress - but I have to say, I truly dislike all the extras the government uses it for... I believe most of them are unconstitutional. But what are ya gonna do.

One lady I was talking to today said when she did the census 20 years ago (First Bush administration) it was much more basic, just counting the number of people in the household and the genders and ages.

At any rate, it is a very interesting job. :)

So I am home for a few hours, going to church tonight, then going to work afterwards. Tomorrow, I hope I get to sleep all day! lol Yeah right ;)


  1. Sleep all day....girl, your too funny! I'm so happy your enjoying your jobs.

    God bless ya and have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

  2. You do have lots going on! That must be frustrating not to have time to make dinner.

    I love the pics of the horses on FB! Your girls are so lucky to be able to grow up around all those animals!!