Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just stuff

I went to my first night of helping with the elderly couple last night.

It was an experience, for sure. Going back tonight :)

We are sticking to our menus! I love it when that happens. I also started tracking. I started to last week, quit again, and now I am hoping to continue, and also to make a difference.

I took a short walk today.

That walk is what I need to get back into. But I walked a part of it, and then gave up. Maybe I will try again tomorrow....

I had to take a nap today because I won't be getting much sleep at my new job, even though they said that I could sleep. The gentleman kind of gets up and roams around at night. He has Alzheimer's.

My pants are all too tight, and I DO NOT LIKE IT.

Hence the tracking and the (attempt at) walking.

Kela was giving Raechel a bath today and she said something that made Kela remark that "We are so hick." that tickled me. Cuz we ARE! lol

Ok.... well...(deep subject, alert)

So...I am having a time right now, trying to figure out a religious belief that I hold. It is, of course a lot to do with LOVE, as anything christian should be. But also focus. And the Bible. And what exactly God wants from us.

I may lose focus at times, but the Lord is always in my life, every day. And I am having an issue with some things I see getting done in the lives of Christians (my own in fact) that just aren't how Jesus would like it, if the Bible is any indication (which in my opinion, the Bible is the only indication we have of God's mind).... BUT I am not talking about sins. I am talking about the things (mostly attitudes) that creep in that will cause sins later.

So, that is the outskirts of my issue, and I just cannot detail it for the world to see, but apparently I wished the people I have contact with to know I was thinking on something that was aggravating my mind... lol


  1. Oh my sweetie, much to ponder over! I hope ya like your job working with the elderly. That in itself is a ministry. You put your plan into action and you'll get there. Tell you girls that I'm a hillbilly hick! Heeehehehe!

    God bless and have a beautiful day!!!

  2. What are you doing with the elderly couple? In home care? Praying for you!

  3. Yes, basically I am just there in case of emergency or if the gentleman decides to go outside and wander on the street...And to help the lady into bed, since she is basically immobile.

    Oh, and I also clean up lots of pee ;) Reminds me of potty training a little.. lol No poop so far, for which I am extremely grateful!