Friday, April 09, 2010

Did I say I WAS busy?

I was wrong.

I am GOING TO BE busy soon!

I got hired for the census.

And I might have another job helping care for an elderly couple at night.

Plus I hope I still babysit some.

I told the girls they better hurry up and get on their schoolwork if they wanna ask me any questions. Because from now on they are on their own! LOL

Which is not totally true. I can pick my own hours for the census, and the other night job is only nights, and I can sleep there. So... it won't be like I am gone anymore than I am now.

I often joke that for a stay at home mom, I am not home much. And it is true. And it is hard on me. Cuz I like being home. Unless there is the possibility of seeing someone to have a nice conversation with, I would prefer to stay at home in my comfort zone ;)


So see? never complain about being busy (although I wasn't complaining, more like remarking on the obvious) because then you really will get BUSY!! haha


  1. A busy person can always throw something else into the mix and manage...were just built that way!

    Congrats on the job and a little extra cash flow!

    God bless and have a beautiful weekend!!!

  2. I just noticed your profile pic had changed. Woohoo...great pic of you and your precious little goatie! God is good!