Saturday, April 03, 2010

Cassie was born, angels rejoiced :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet Cassie!! My lovely second daughter is now 13 years old *sigh*

She was a gorgeous gorgeous baby. ♥

Kevin had just got a traveling job with Schwan's when I got pregnant with Cassie. He would travel for an entire work week at a time. Mostly he left on Sunday night or Monday morning, and would be back on Friday morning or so.

It was on his first (possibly his second) weekend home that I got pregnant with Cassie :) What is it they say about absence? Making the heart grow fonder? haha

Anyhow. I had a great pregnancy.

When Kevin would leave, I would pack up Kela and head up to my Aunt Linda's in Wellsburg, 2 and a half hours up Route 2.

Grandma came with me sometimes :)

I spent a lot of time at Linda's, because Kevin traveled every week, and I stayed home very few.

This way I was not lonely or depressed. :)

So anyhow. I stopped going up when I got to my last month, just in case. :)

Kevin was away when I started feeling contractions. They were coming about every 5 minutes the whole day. So I called my mother in law, and she ran me down to the hospital after lunch where they checked me, and said I was dilated to 1. And I asked them if I should call Kevin, and they said that I probably better :)

So I did.

My contractions were GOOD. They were every 5 minutes that whole day. I forget exactly what time Kevin got home, but it was in the evening. By 1 am, I was timing my contractions at about every 2 minutes, and they were NOT sporadic, at all.

I took a nice hot shower. Stood in there for about 15 minutes, and had about that many contractions, and when I got out, I told Kevin maybe we better go to the hospital. :) I was, naturally, very ready and very excited to have my baby :)

So, we got there around 2am.

They checked me. I was at 2.

So, they said they could not admit me til I was at 3. Even though my contractions were STILL regularly coming about every 2 minutes, at that time.

So they basically went ahead and hooked me up to an IV. Why? I have no clue. But they hooked me up and told me to walk up and down the hallways, til I dilated to 3 and they could officially give me a room.

So I did. I was very frustrated at this time.

By 8 am, I finally was dilated to 3, and they let me rest. 6 hours of walking up and down the hallways, all the while having fairly regular painful contractions (although not the really bad ones, obviously). I do not know how I did it!!

My dr told me she thought perhaps I needed Pitocen, and I asked if it was necessary. She said yes, and I didn't argue, I was a bit busy. Later I found out that she wrote that I had refused the Pit. Which I did not, I just asked if I had to have it... but anywaaaayyyy..

I was already hooked to an IV, so I didn't see *not* getting it, since I was EXHAUSTED by this time, from all the walking all night long. So they started it around 9 am.

My contractions were very irregular by this time. And so they put the Pit into my IV, and they came more regularly for a while. Then around 11 am, I think, after they checked my progress (dilated to 3 still) Kevin noticed that the contractions were coming irregular again. He looked at the Pit thingie, and found out that someone had accidentally pulled it out of the IV, and the Pitocen was flowing freely all over the floor.

That was exasperating. I was SOOOOO tired.

So they hooked it back up and then broke my water. That was about noon. They gave me an epidural. Back then it was the kind that pretty much numbed you from the waist down. Paralyzed actually. I never felt any urge to push. I never felt nothing! They gave me the epidural at around noon, too. I took a long nap! Having been up since about 4 am the previous day, I was more than exhausted!

I woke up when they told me it was time to push, pretty much. I pushed once, on command of the nurse, and she said OK WAIT! I pushed again once the dr had his gloves on and was ready, and THEN: I had my sweet baby :) They handed her to Kevin while I delivered my placenta. I had had trouble with this with Kela, because of the lack of feeling and having nothing to push against (like the baby..) it was just hard for me. But with Cass, I had no problems that I can remember. But Kevin held her until they took her to get cleaned up :)

I had Cassie (basically without the Pit except that last hour) by 1:20pm. I had dilated from 3 to 10 in less than an hour... That is what a good nap will do for ya! LOL

SO they cleaned her, weighed her, checked her sucking reflex with a bottle (this caused me major painful problems later since she could not latch on to my breast properly, although I had no idea at that time) and FINALLY gave her to me around 2pm.

I nursed her and rejoiced.

Kevin had decided while I was pregnant, after MUCH bugging from me, that we would name her Cassandra Joy. He liked the name Cassandra, and said we should not shorten it to Cassie or Sandy.

But I think he called her Cassie from the moment she was born!!! LOL

I called her Cassie Joy :) I still call her that. She is a joyful person (mostly) haha

After our first nursing issues with the bloody, painful, cracked nipples; we did good, and I nursed her until she was 11 months old, at which time she started taking a bottle in church and a cup every where else :)

When the WIC people yelled at me for giving her bottles, I told them it kept her quiet in church and that is all I cared about. haha She was completely off the bottles when she was about 14 months old, so they had no reason to worry.

She was an absolutely easy baby. I was so glad. Kela was not easy til she turned 1!

Kela was a wonderful big sister though :) She loved "her baby Cassie" ♥ Kela was 22 months old when Cassie was born, but she was already potty trained :)

I remember when I came home from the hospital, and Kevin and my mom had made signs and decorated the house with balloons. The signs read: Welcome home Lawanda and Cassandra Joy!

Kela played with the balloons and would happily stop every few minutes to come over and rub her baby's face and give her a kiss, and say "I wub you Cassie Joy"


  1. Ahhhh! Lovely story! Happy birthday Cassie.

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    God bless and ya'll have a wonderful Easter weekend!!!