Tuesday, March 16, 2010


American Idol, while it has a regrettable name, is the only tv show I watch with any regularity at all. Last year I missed some, and I think even the year before I missed some, but this year I am hoping not to miss much, cuz I like these people!

So, here is my synopsis of the Top 12 doing the Rolling Stones, in case you care ;)

Big Mike Lynche - Eh. He don't impress me much. Except he is a HUGE GUY! lol And he sings nifty songs... Just not too impressive in my book, and I hope he doesn't win the whole thing...

Didi Benami - LOVE HER. She reminds us of Regina Spektor, and this is good :) I hope she goes on to win the whole thing, personally. She did Playin' with fire good ;)

Casey James - YUM! and ROCKER!!! Two words, and that is enough ;) But I don't think he will win, nor do I wish it.

Lacey Brown - She is BEAUTIFUL, she has the BEST eyes! Her voice and singing, notsomuch. Tacky version of Ruby Tuesday.

Andrew Garcia - I like HIM!! I like how he sings, although I wish he would pick different songs sometimes. Like tonight. Kinda "eh" for me. He has a SWEET voice not a Rocker voice...No War songs anymore please!

Katie Stevens - she should never have made it to the top 12. BORING. Although I loved her dress.

Tim Urban - I loved it last week when Ellen hugged him! He is ok, in a High School musical kinda way...WOW ten kids! One shower! Whew. He is a doll, except his mouth. And he needs a haircut. Great eyes though. Now, the singing: Ummm... its ok. LOL I guess I can sum Tim Urban up by the word: Ok. I did not particularly care for his song choice, Under my thumb. Kinda ugh.

Siobhan Magnus - One of my faves. Love her name, love her voice, love her look, and I think she is a sweetheart. Hopefully she sings well tonight. Not lovin' her glasses! Love her family :) Love her Cape Cod Accent! :D PAINT IT BLACK! YES! She picked the perfect song, and sang is AWESOME! LOVE HER DRESS TOO! Cute curls too :) Listen to that voice!!!!!!! Throw a little of that Irish feel in there too! That was AWESOME! Siobhan is DA BOMB!!

Lee Dewyze - I think he is going to make it pretty far, as long as he can keep his pants pulled up (they kept falling down one performance!) :) Beast of Burden? He is SO LIKE CHRIS DOUGHTRY! He is consistent, I will give him that :) good performer. If he had a good song, he would be AWESOME. This song is boring! I agree with Simon - he needs a MOMENT :)

Paige Miles - Another one who should NOT be here in the top 12. Good song for her! Honkey Tonk Woman is one of my faves from the Stones :) she ain't too bad, still not my fave though. the short short jump suit look is kinda tacky imo!! :-p Laryngitis?? You could not tell!! :D

Aaron Kelly - Eh. Cassie loves him. If he looked more like a grown up than a little boy, maybe... He is a good singer.... Maybe the new hair will help :)

Chrystal Bowersox - she ROCKS. Great voice, great talent. One of the best. PERFECT song choice! WOOHOOO! That was HOT BABY!! :) Awww her momento for Lilly was So sweet!

My picks to go home: Paige, Aaron, Katie, or Tim.

Who better stay, but might get booted: Casey James, or Didi. If Didi goes home, I will be upset :(


  1. I love looking at Casey too! ;o)
    I think Andrew is my favorite though. I love how different he is! He's got a great voice!
    Big Mike I am NOT a fan of. He seems way too cocky for me.
    I like Crystal too, not the average American Idol, but I think a lot of them this year aren't the "normal" contestant, that's why it's such an interesting year.
    I haven't watched Idol the last few years, but have watched most of it this year. Kara is driving me insane w/her comments each week about not feeling the song and blah blah blah. I love the humor Ellen brings to it.

  2. Hey sweetie....Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    May lucky blessings fall upon you!

    (Did that sound Irish??? Heeehehehe)

  3. I am enjoying this season, first one I've watched from the auditions on ... I love Crystal!! I would buy a CD from her today if she had one. I thought that the best performance of the night was that little Aaron, he nailed that song. Everyone else was 'eh' for me.

    What is up with Simon and Kara? Why are they always touching?