Friday, February 05, 2010


I just finished my last crochet for the auction. (Although Kela wants me to make another hat, to match the scarf she made...I don't think I can do it! lol)

I made a pink and cream colored hat to match the scarf.

Here is Faith in both:

And Here is a bad pic of Kela's scarf she made for the auction. It turned out really cute.

My stinkin camera will NOT read the sd cards! I hate that. We just cannot seem to keep a camera for very long...They always break or something goes wrong with them.. ??

We had a super busy day today trying to get ready for this auction.

I had to go to town twice.  The first time, I forgot to take the papers with  me so that I could get donations from my hair place and back massage therapist.  And the two girls who are friends of mine who had said they would donate some stuff, they weren't home!

So - second time, by the time I left it was too late to head clear up to Vienna to try and get to the businesses before they closed.  But I met the one girlie, Edee, at the Rt 50 McDonald's and she handed me the CUTEST 4H cookie bouquet ever! She is so stinkin talented!  And then I drove on over Core road to Michelle's house and she gave me a REALLY nice Scrapbooking basket-full of goodies from her Scrap Camp operation ;)

Anyhow, in between all that runnin' and all this crocheting, we baked 70 three inch brownies! And I am in the process of finishing  70 hot rolls. The last batch is in the oven right now. Of course I cheated and made them from mixes, and frozen dough. :) But it was still quite a bit of work!

Cassie is still up and she and Raechel are doing dishes. I am honestly so tired I don't have the energy to make them go to bed right at the mo!


Tomorrow... poor Kevin (who won't get home from work until after 2am) has to get up at 6am and go to the bottom of the hill and pick up the babysitting kids!!

And then he has to put the finishing touches on his toy box, and then it is TO THE AUCTION we will go. I think we MAY need a sled to get there!!!!! LOL

We don't have as much snow as surrounding areas YET. We only have about 3 inches right now...

So. I am going to hop off here and get these girlies headed to bed-ward!

I will surely post how the auction goes, since I have put so much work into it! haha

But it may not be til Sunday. Afternoon!


  1. I knew you would get~er~done! Great job and I'm lovin' your sweet models!

    You have a great time at the fundraiser and a wonderful weekend to boot!!!