Saturday, February 27, 2010


There are rules involved. To accept the nomination, one must......

1. Thank the person who nominated you

2. Copy the award and paste it on your blog

3. Link to the person who nominated you for the award

4. List 7 interesting things about yourself

5. Nominate 7 beautiful bloggers
1. Thank you, Jenn!!

2. Tried, will have to work on this when I am not so tired!

3. Classless? Hardly!! Jenn rocks my face off! :)

4. I aim for readable. Interesting is pushing it, but I will try. I am so not interesting. As a matter of fact: I copied Jenn's clever layout for this post almost exactly. Cuz I am not interesting!

5. Let us begin sharing the beauty:

1. I am starting with the exact same person as Jenn, even! Because she is clever, witty, charming, elegant, beautiful, and FUN! And I know all this without ever having even met her! :)

Nezzy, you rock! Your sweet comments always make my day! Bless your heart!!

2. And secondly one of my oldest blogging buddies, who I have actually met in person, and who waited patiently for some promised yarn for FOREVER!

Birdie, please tell me you finally got that yarn? I hope it was ok. I actually had different (better) yarn to send you and it disappeared into the cave that is my laundry room, and hasn't been seen since. I am sorry, thank you for your graciousness and patience!!

3. Thirdly, I am gonna have to go with a very dear friend who I have known from ScrapChat for several years now.

Julia is always so kind, and even if she is going through a rough patch her self, the most encouraging and sweet individual! Plus she makes AWESOME soaps!! :)

4. Fourthly (yes, I am being redundant by posting the cardinal AND ordinal numbers, but I cannot help myself tonight for some reason!) I nominate my inspiration for staying on Weight Watchers, and not pigging out on junk food all day long..

Amber, who has yummy recipes on her brand new blog, and is also starting to sell jewelry! Although I am not sure that is on her blog yet...

5. Fifthly, since she has always been my friend, I believe I shall also nominate ...

Michelle, who is about the most creative scrapbooker on the planet and is the girlie who does Scrap Camp in the Spring and fall. :)

6. Sixthly, This is one of the sweetest girls you would ever wanna meet. Her kids are HI-LARIOUS! They are super smart and funny, and when she writes about their exploits I always have to laugh!

Larissa is just too too cute for words ;) And her blog title says it all :)

7. Seventhly (there is no seventhly? Or is my spell check wonky? Stop it with the red underlining already! grr) I am going to nominate another girl with super cute and clever kiddos whom I love reading about -

Marie, who is super sweet and very good at Lexulous (a word game on Facebook) :) And I just now, this very second, found out she is expecting again! CONGRATS BEAUTIFUL MARIE!

Okay I must break the rules...because my 8th beautiful blogger is super special.

GEPHRY is like the coolest blogger chickie out there. Imo, her blog is always fun, always clever, always full of interesting stuff!

She basically went on a Walk-about when she was younger. And she is one of those independent people who make you wanna be independent too! Did I mention she is a mother of three geniuses, and is herself this very semester taking a Shakespeare college course? She is just uber cool, I am tellin' ya.


Now for the part of this award where I tell you seven interesting things about myself.. instead, I am just going to blog what I was going to blog originally this evening, before I saw my name in the Marquee on Jenn's blog (ok, so it wasn't exactly a marquee, but it felt like it...)

It is exciting!

go here ;)


  1. Oh sweetie, I am so honored that you have blessed me with this 'beautiful' award but I am an award free~tag free blog, although I DO always love seein' my name in lights! Thank you for the sweet gesture.

    God bless and have a great Saturday!

  2. I like it when you blog in the middle of the night; you get very funny!! ;)

  3. *blush*

    Thank you so much. I'm not sure I qualify for such a heapin' helpin' of praise, but I will try to live up to it. :)

  4. Oh, I am SOOOO sorry that I forgot to write and let you know that I DID get the yarn! Love it, thanks! I got it right before Bear got sick and was hospitalized and then all four boys came down with that cold that Bear started with. I am afraid that things are kind of crazy here right now.