Wednesday, February 03, 2010

More crocheting :)

This hat and scarf is also for the auction :)

I posted this adorable pic of Faithy in the beret on FB :)

And here are pics of Raechel and Cassie in it :)

And here is the scarf I made to match this evening :) It has the puff stitches like in the hat :)
And here they are together. I think they turned out pretty. I hope someone will want to buy them...

Still got the wonky date on my camera. I need to have Kevin take a look at that... I am going to try to make a hat to go with the pink scarf too. :)


  1. Gorgeous!! You are so talented. :)

  2. Absolutely perfect! I love the color, too. You have really outdone yourself this time.

  3. LaWanda, I LOVE your crochet goodies, and the girl's goodies too! I didn't know you crocheted! ( Of course, if I was a better blogger, I probably WOULD know that....) simply adorable!
    How funny, cuz I just posted a post about my own yarn habit, and then thought I'd meander on over here and actually read some bloggy, and I then saw that YOU were ALSO busy crocheting like a mad-woman!! lol,lol,lol ~ sometimes I think we run on such similar paralells it's just scary! (you're not REALLY my long-lost twin, are you? ;-D) Anyway, I'm gonna finish reading all your posts I missed. (Plus i have to go see what else you've crocheted, you ROCK! awesome crocheted goodies!) ~ Red