Saturday, February 06, 2010

Lovin' Life

I am revisiting all my blog titles, I guess.

My life is so good. I love it even when things are getting me down. I would not trade my life for a million bucks! Although I wouldn't scoff at a free million  to keep my life ;)

I am sooooo tired. We had SOOO much fun today at the auction. Kevin's chest he built went for $65, the people got a GREAT deal. I should have pics of it soon, although lousy pics, because at the time the camera was on the blink, but Kevin has fixed it now :)

Anyhow, my scarves were well received :)

My friend Amber bought the green set! It looks AWESOME with her dark hair!!  I was so glad she came. She is so much fun! Mommy and Daddy came too, and so did Randall and his girlies.

The kids all ran around and played while the auction was going on, the little kids I should say. The big kids were toting all the auction stuff up to the stage for the Auctioneer to sell to the highest bidder :)

I was proxy for my aunt Linda, but I didn't do much good for her. Although she DID get a gorgeous hand-painted Fenton glass bell for $15! :D

Kevin bid on a gift certificate for a free night at the Hampton Inn and dinner for two at a local restaurant. :D Sounds like a date to me!!! LOL They have a pool! ;)

So anyhow, it was all fun. Made me realize over again how much fun this life is :) I love it :)

Kevin did not get much sleep cuz he got home after 2am, and had to get up at 6 am to go to the bottom of the hill and collect the babysitting kids. Cuz there is simply no way their auntie would have been able to get them up the hill with all this snow!!  So he went to bed soon after supper!

We don't have as much snow as up North, Linda has 18 inches! And my in-laws up in Zanesville have about the same! My cousin Nathan lives up in the mountains and they had 43 inches this morning and it was still coming down!!

But the snow didn't even stop our fun today :)

I hope we can go to church tomorrow still too! :)


  1. I'm so happy everything went well for you. WoW! We have 6-10" predicted, sounds a little peddely next to 43".

    You have a good restful evening, you deserve it!! God bless!!!

  2. The cool part about being a bit snowed in on a farm is that you have all your relatives around you, you have that pig in the freezer, and you have yarn next to you with a roaring fire, and VOILA! CROCHET TIME!!! hehehe ~ anyway, that's sort of the way it works here ~ we of course don't have 43" of snow either, only about 10", & I actually don't have any relatives living around me ( very sad, I think this is the coolest part of your life, actually, I sometimes really wish we had family closer... but we DO have neighbors, which is sort of ok.) but I DO have a pig in the freezer, some yarn, and a nice roaring fire! Anyway, I am glad you had such fun at the auction ~ Doen't it feel nice when other people like your hard work ( crochet & chest?). It makes you feel justified in doing all of that hard work, and also just a little energized to do a little more. ;-D
    By the way, it's been a long time, eh? lol ~ oh yeah ~ proper greetings, ~ So hey, Lawanda, remember me?!? lol ~ that disappearing redhead? lol!!! Anyway ~ You've been up to a lot of good! That's always cool ~ Take care, my friend!
    ~ Red