Monday, February 15, 2010

Life of Fred

I just ordered the Life of Fred math books.

I hope these help.

I have had the most trouble with Kela doing her school. We always get stuck on Math, and it NEVER gets done.

Well it does... but slowly and painfully, for all involved.

Her attitude has been such lately that I am completely ready to put her in High School, and just not have to deal with her all day long every day.


Her dad does not want me to do it. He thinks I need to wait and see.

So I ordered these books. Because I needed some help I am obviously not doing something right.

The idea of these books are that they break it down so basically, you do not need answer keys even.

So she can do it herself, or we can do it all together, which is what I am thinking...

And it is fun. Not boring. :)

I hope it helps.

Cuz I am about to go NUTS.


Along with the school stress, most of you prolly already know that I lost another goat. :(

Patches died on Thursday last week.

We took her body to OSU Vet Hospital for a necropsy. And then we took our alive goaties to a Vet in Belpre.

The vet said my animals look healthy, although Belle is thin. Which only makes sense because Patches always ate all the food. :-p I am hoping she will plump out now, since the vet did seem to think she was pregnant! YAY! :)

I hope she has healthy baby(ies). That would be so positive. And I am tired of negative when it comes to my goats. :(

I plan to milk her too.

I had decided I just could not go forward with my plans to get Nigerian Dwarfs at this time, because I keep losing goaties :(

I would hate to bring them here and them die. I just could not handle it.

So I let Jackson's owner know. and she is soooo sweet. She is going to try to keep him a while so that if I still want him in a while, I can still buy him.

I really would love to start my own little Nigi herd, someday.

But just not while I am having goaties die on me, seemingly every month.


While I am not moving forward with my goat plans, I am just considering them ON HOLD til I figure out what is going on here. :)

I WILL milk my own goats someday. I WILL. :)


  1. Bless your heart. I missed the post where you lost yet another goat. There has to be something goin' on, I sure hope you can find the help to figure it all out. I know you will milk goats someday.

    I sure hope your new plan on the math helps, it sounds like a good fun plan. Let us know. The eldest of my home schooled grandkiddos is in the eighth grade.

    Have a blessed day dear one!!!

  2. Homeschooling those highschoolers DOES get challenging at times, doesn't it? To make it worse, math seems to be one of those subjects that so many of us struggle with. Even if you understand it quite well yourself, it can be difficult to explain in a way that your child will "get" it, too! Hang in there, though, these things do seem to have their season. If you just keep persevering, you will probably find one day that your daughter understands far more than even she thought that she did!

    I'm so very sorry that you lost another goatie. Poor little thing. I am so glad that Belle is expecting, though! We will pray that everything continues to go well.

  3. Hugs to ya...Hang in there!

  4. I am so sorry about the goat thing. You are so strong. You are in my continued prayers.

    Thanks for the Fred books. I think I am going to order them for myself! I have to take the entrance exam for college and it has been 13 years since I even looked at Math. Sooo, I might get these and freshen up! It looks pretty idiot proof, and that is what I need. :)

  5. LOL! I am thinking of ordering the upper levels for myself as well!!!

    I can't wait to read about Fred. I have been reading on Stan Schmidt's (the author's) site, and I love him!!! He rocks.