Saturday, February 27, 2010

I am happy today!

But before I go into why, please read my previous post. I posted two today :)

I got my test results all back on my goaties!

They are all good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know what this means?????

I am getting my sweet JACKSON!!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

I need to go and actually get him soon, because the sweet lady I am getting him from is needing his stall for a birthing stall! She has several goaties about to kid in March!!! :D

And she has been SO SWEET!!! and helpful! You couldn't ask for a more helpful mentor!!!

She has even helped find a DOE!!!

HERE SHE IS!! -- ok, you have to search for her on this page... she is the doeling labeled z9, fourth picture :)

I am trying right this minute to convince Kevin that the snow will all be gone tomorrow and we can go get them tomorrow (which would actually be later today since the insomnia has struck again)!! LOL

I haven't convinced him yet though :)

Anyway, Faithy was pumped that she got to name the new doe :) She wants to name her Jillian, because then we'd have a JACKson and a JILLian :) The other two girlies want to name her Jillson, because of Jackson and Jillson in The Mysterious Benedict Society books. we love those books, but Faith hasn't read them yet.

anyhow, I am so excited! Both of these sweet goaties have GREAT milking in their genes. So here's hoping that we can get some milk someday soon!!! :)


  1. Praise God, the desires of your heart baby. He heard your cries from the bottom of your heart. OK...stand back...doin' my little happy dance here for you. I am excited for you.

    God bless and have a glorious Saturday!!!

  2. Yeah! Tell Faith I like Jackson and Jillian. Very cute!

  3. YEA! So glad to hear some really good goatie news!