Monday, January 11, 2010

This is what I am thinking

I bring this little boy home... put him with my little goats and hope they all take. It may end up more than 5 months (their gestation period) to get babies, because I am not sure when Jackson will be mature enough to breed...

But then I will have more babies and more milk whenever it happens :) then I figure I will sell the babies, because they will be mixes, although CUTE mixes! :D and they will make nice animals for people who are not into registered animals, but who would like some small grade milking goats :)

Kevin does not want to sell any of our original goats. :)  I suggested selling Belle and Patches, because we are going to have to keep them separate hereafter because I do not want to lose anymore babies. And they are just still mean to the others. But he does not want to sell them :) I love that man! haha

I do not know if Belle and Patches are pregnant or not. We won't know til they kid! Which will be the last week of March at the earliest. If they do not kid by the first week of May, then we will know they did not breed, and the girlie who we took them to said we can try again. :)

I am hoping they get a boy as well as some girls, because I am planning on wethering (neutering) a boy for a companion for Mr Jackson. They do better when they have a wether companion. that is what I have been told by many people! And wethers are mild. :) So even if he is bigger than J, they should get along well :)

So about the little goaties...

When I buy my 1st Nigerian Dwarf girlie.. I am thinking it will be June, but I may possibly wait til the next round of breedings and ask her for a bred doe. The girl in Buckanon WV who I am going to buy my next goat from has all nice goats, so any of hers are good for me ;) haha Anyhow, when I buy her (already bred), I will breed her offspring with Jackson.

I think I will need to buy another bred doe, though. I want to buy them from different farms, because I want them to be able to be bred to Jackson.

If I buy does who are already bred, I can breed their female offspring to J. Then I can breed THEM to J. And if I get two girls who are not related, I can breed them to any bucks from the other doe.

Follow? haha

It has me all confused, but I think if I buy two bred does from two different farms, we should be able to get a good start. And Kela, Cassie, Faith, and Raechel can each have their own to start their own herds with! :D

They have all expressed GREAT interest in trying their own hands at it! lol

I have to say, they are all three helpful with the goats. They all feed and water them. Faith and Cassie may do a little more, but Kela helps a lot as well :)

Faithy actually wakes up and asks if I have already fed them. :) Cuz she wants to do it :) I usually let her do it. :) cuz I know how much she enjoys it. Plus, I am old, and my bones crack when I go outside in this weather!!

After I have sold some of the goats, I should be able to buy some more bred does and basically start again. and that way maybe I can also make a little extra money as well as enjoy goat's milk and also enjoy the little goaties too!! :D


Menu Monday!!!

Monday - Sausage gravy and biscuits, maybe eggs

Tuesday - Pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn

Wednesday - Mac and Cheese with broccoli

Thursday - Hot Turkey sandwiches with mashed potatoes and gravy

Friday - Shrimp scampi with Pasta and broccoli


  1. Yummy! We are BIG broccoli eaters here. ;)

  2. Yeah, that gene pool can get a little thick if one doesn't keep on top of it.

    I want to eat at your house!

    Have a greatly blessed day!!!

  3. I am glad you have all that straightened out in your head. I am througholy confused. :) I would LOVE to have one of your baby goats though.