Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I have been reading several books lately. :)

Not that I may need them in the future or anything... or... well, I hope I might, but.... It is all up to Kevin, really ;)  I may perhaps be wearing him down!! ;)


This weekend I read Husband Coached Childbirth by Dr Bradley, and Ina May's guide to Childbirth, by Ina May Gaskin :)  I especially loved Ina May's book. She is QUITE a hippie, but she is more "down to Earth" than most people, and I like that.I like natural. And that is exactly what Ina May is :)

My family mostly thinks I am full of it, for even wanting to be pregnant again... but I most sincerely want more children.  And I most sincerely believe God will bless me with more. :) If he does not, I am good, though. I try to be content. Naturally, I can't help the feelings of longing I get when I see or hear other babies or babymamas.  But do you really think that is actually discontentment?? I can't help but think it is not me being discontent... just having a natural reaction to getting older and being "barren" for so many years now...

Anyhow. ;)

I do plan on having my next baby at home, if God so blesses me :)

AND, my family thinks I am nuts for that too. Their theory is that I will not be able to have the baby at home. Because my labors were long and rough and my cervix was kind of a pain. It always got stuck at three centimeters for like EVER.

HOWEVER, after reading these two very informative books (Bradley is an OB, who favors natural childbirth within the hospital surrounding) I have come to the conclusion that my cervix is NOT defective, but that my surroundings were not very encouraging for optimal cervical dilation to occur! :D

And so.. I firmly believe in my ability to give birth to any future progeny at my home with very little to no problems :)

And I am going to try it if the Good Lord gives me the chance. :)

I will however be needing some encouragement... so anyone who has given birth at home or knows someone who has successfully done so, feel free to share the good stuff! :D Thx! haha


  1. I always had very quick labors. Four with my first and two with my second. I had hospital births back in the 70's. Did I mention the hospital is 60 miles away? Did I mention I let Hubby finish his baseball game on the second child. I darn near had a car birth!

    It sounds like your doing your research so I say go for it. Have you checked into a mid~wife or a dula. Sometimes these hubbys aren't great under pressure.

    God bless and I pray He will give you the desires of your heart!

  2. Thank you (as always) Nezzy for your encouraging post!!

    I will have a midwife, for sure! And these are GREAT midwives, too :) They have a practice, actually :)

    I will be in good hands, and our hospital's only 7 to 10 minutes away, just in case ;)

  3. Excellent!!! I can't wait to see what happens. I'm too much of a chicken for a home birth. I have the stamp of being VBAC FOREVER AND EVER and so no midwife will attend me at home even if I wanted to be at home. I found a group of OBs who will VBAC at two hospitals here and that's good because my labor usually stalls at 4cm and they give me the teeniest bit of pitocin and in 40 minutes flat I've completed and had a baby. Isn't that weird?

  4. Umm, no that is not weird. I was just typing out Cassie's birth story and that is what happens to me too. Only I get stuck at 3. :-p

    I am a chicken too. I only hope Kevin won't try to talk me out of it this time. He did with Faithy and Raechel! LOL

    I figure since I have a couple good friends who've done it now, they can give me courage to not change my mind this time! :)

  5. I've wanted to read the Bradley book, too. But it seems pointless since I don't plan on having any more children. Having had my last one completely natural, though, I know I could do a birth at home. Jerry'd never let me, but I think I could do it. Being in the hospital, going totally natural stinks because they strap you to a monitor and to an IV and don't let you walk around and get in a position that is comfortable. If you're going natural, I think a birthing center or home are the best way to go for sure.