Friday, January 29, 2010

It's amazing!

Isn't it amazing what a good night's sleep can do for you? haha

I don't sleep well normally.

Last night I actually slept very well! And I woke this morning EARLY feeling very refreshed. I helped Kevin (not a lot, mind you, but a little) take care of the goats, and then after he left I laid back down, but instead of falling back to sleep, I did all my thinking that I usually do at night.

The fact that I did enjoy a good night's sleep is quite amazing in itself. Because I had a Moolatte yesterday! (Don't tell my workout buddy, Amber! LOL)

Caffeine usually keeps me up for days!

Of course, Amber (said workout buddy) did spend the previous two nights with me, and we enjoyed a 2-night slumber party; watching movies, eating popcorn and cookies (WW friendly - both of those snacks)... :)

So I have a feeling that with all that slumber-partying and working out (she brought a killer workout video and forced me to do it both mornings) I would say my body was exhausted enough to finally get some rest. YAY!

I watched Goonies with my kids last night. I had forgotten how many cuss words is in it! WHY?! Why do the movie people feel the need to do that? It is a great movie, and the kids loved it. I just wish we could avoid listening to all the garbage. I really want one of those tv editor thingies. Maybe someday :)

Anyhow...we had a nice relaxing evening :) I think that may have also helped with my good night's rest. Because it seems like usually, even though we don't have tons of places we need to be always, we are still constantly on the go!! So it helped to relax with a couple girlies on my lap enjoying a favorite movie from my childhood with my kids (and my babysitting kids too *smile*)...

In goatie news:

Kevin is planning for our new barn. We are hoping to have enough of a tax return to build it soon. I am excited. I am hoping he takes my suggestion and includes a nice big milking area :) Cuz I do also want to get me a jersey cow to milk someday too, along with all my goaties :)

I hope to be a regular old farmer soon ;)


  1. Good for you. Sleep does many wonders!

  2. I watched the Goonies with boys a few months ago too and was also appalled at the languge. I know I watched it as a kid and no one thought twice about the language, maybe that's why we forgot?
    Glad you got a good rest!

  3. Isn't it amazing how when we watch these movies as adults we notice how many cuss words were in them. Guess were growin' up. I'm so happy you had some quality rest and relaxation.

    Ya'll have an amazing weekend!!!

  4. Can I come and live on your farm? It sounds like so much fun! I am glad you are feeling better. It is not fun when one gets the blues.