Friday, January 15, 2010

I can't deal with much more of this kind of thing.

Our sweet, silly, noisy, nosy, adorable and lovably persistent goatie Hope died sometime this morning.:(

I will miss her. We all will.

We got her after Lydia died last May, to keep Bella company. Cuz it is not good for them to be alone, you know. :)

She was one of my favorites for her mischievous ways :) If you are on my facebook you may recall that I have some awful cute pics of her :) Most recently, being stuck underneath the feeding trough :)

Actually. I am thinking that may have been what caused this. :(

If you remember, I said she made a beeline for the grain bin?

Well, there was old grain that I had separated out because I had smelled mold on it, in the bottom of the bin. I hadn't had a chance to throw it away, and I honestly never thought about it until I began reading about her symptoms online. We have been giving them grain from a new bag for quite some time now, because of that moldy smell.

I didn't think she had gotten into the moldy grain at all, but she must have. That is the only explanation, because we feed all the goats from the same feed and hay. And (so far) they are all fine. However. Hope was PERFECTLY fine yesterday morning at feeding time, as well.

Yesterday morning, she was the first to the grain (always is) buttin' the littles out of her way (always does :)) and playing like normal... NOTHING out of the ordinary at all. ate her hay fine, drank her water fine...

So when my house was quiet last night (unusual circumstance itself) I heard her moan out there, and I could immediately tell something was wrong.

I scared Raechel and Cassie to death, cuz I hollered for them to be quiet as I was listening on my way out the door, without telling them what I was doing. So I scared them! My reaction didn't help when I went outside to check on the goaties and found Hopey laying on the ground moaning, her legs twitching, her body stiff and her poor little neck starting to bend back toward her withers; because quite frankly I started crying hysterically and ran for a phone.

They cried too, cuz they saw her :(

I called Kevin. He was at a forum at the court house for ideas for farmers...checkin' it out to see whether it was going to be worth going to... He could not come home immediately. He told me to call Daddy.

I interrupted his supper :( I was still crying like crazy, and had no idea what to do... I thought it was already too late because this is what happened to Lydia, and what we did didn't help with her.

Anyway, Daddy left his supper to come up and help me. He kept moving her legs and head around trying to get it to loosen up somehow. He gave her an egg, and some penicillin, and then we gave her some vitamin b. I gave her more later but it was the people kind, melted in a glass of water, and given through her mouth... but I have since read that it doesn't do any good like that... you have to give the injectable kind, in extremely large doses.

Because what happens, I guess, is when they get ahold of mold (or other things could have caused it, but this is the only one that makes sense for Hopey... Lydia's case was possibly too much fresh green grass) it causes a disruption of the enzymes in their rumens and they need extra vitamin B, or mostly Thiamine...

Anyhow, she stayed pretty much the same all night long. We checked on her pretty much all night, rubbing her neck and moving her around a bit, and when we checked on her early this morning, she had died. :(

Kevin and I left for TSC so we could be there as soon as they opened. Because I was going to give all my other goats a vax for Tetanus and also some more Vita. B, and also buy some more penicillin in case we needed it again :( I hope we don't for a good long forever!

So we spent the morning vaxing them, and shooting them chock full of Thiamine. Which we are going to do again, the B vitamin, because it can't hurt them (although is a bit hard on their livers, I guess, but hopefully won't hurt their livers too much, because this is all I know to do, and it makes me feel much better to do it!!!) and may keep them from getting the same thing Hope had, which I already showed you the link for the Goat Polio/Listeriosis...

Anyhow, if another goat dies, I am simply not going to be able to handle getting more. I have already talked to the girl I am buying Jackson from and she thinks I should go ahead and move on with my plans to breed Nigerian Dwarfs, because she says this happens, and there is nothing you can do about it. Which I know that is true... But it worries me that something is wrong here that I need to look into.

So this morning, after Kevin went to work, I spent the day calling Vets.

Well. No vets in Parkersburg, or surrounding area will look at a goat. I called about 17 of em. (Slight exaggeration, but merely slight ;))

they all told me to call one up in Marietta, so I did. I was wanting info on possibly getting a necropsy, which is similar to an autopsy in people, to test and see if I needed to do something different, or to see if there was a problem that could be passed on to my other goats, etc. You know what I mean?


I totally got the run-around.

I mean to tell you I talked to 20 people. And half of them were rude!!! They told me to call here, they told me to call there, they told me I had to call the Vet back and tell them that THIS is the way they need to handle this...blah blah blah.

Most of it was dealing with the Vet in Ohio, and the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

So I got hung up on (that was the vet office) and I gave up.

I decided to try the WV department of Agriculture.

Mind you I have never dealt with anything like this before!

Anyhow. THERE IS NO PHONE NUMBER FOR THEM IN THE PHONE BOOK. There is a listing, but no phone number! (What gives? Heck if I know!) So I called the first government number listed :)haha And I asked them for the phone number. They gave it to me, and were very nice about it.

So I called them. Talked to the operator, who connected me to the EXACT person I needed to talk to the FIRST time. Amazing! haha

And she was a SWEETHEART. She told me a vet to call in Charleston, and told me to give them her name, and call her back I had any trouble. So sweet. I needed that!

So I called them, and the vet was awesome. and he said, in short, that a necropsy was not necessary, too expensive, but they are wanting to possibly run tests on the other goats to make sure this does not happen to them.

I was crying tears of heartfel joy and thanksgiving by this time, let me tell you!

I think he might have thought I was some kind of crazy goat lady ;)

But that is ok.

I think I will be a goat lady for a while, if I don't keep having bad luck :( Cuz I really love my goaties.

ps, if you read all this THANK YOU SO MUCH!


  1. I'm so sorry Lawanda. I now how connected you are with your goaties. Take care, my heart goes out to you.

    God bless and have a peaceful weekend!

  2. My heart just aches for you right now and what you are going through. I can hear the love you have for those goats. I pray that this does not happen to anymore of your goats. Because you make a WONDERFUL goat lady!

  3. I am so sorry Lawanda. I know how painful it is to lose an animal...and more so when you get given the run around if you ask questions as to why...arg!

    I am SO glad you finally goat some info through the DoA. (((hugs))) Thinking of you!

  4. Wow. I am so sorry that your little goatie didn't make it.

  5. I'm so sorry. It's painful to lose any animal. I was just wondering how close you are to Virginia Tech. They are said to have such a wonderful animal program. I have a friend that has goats, and my hubby grew up helping to raise his Granny's goats. Hang in there.

  6. Took me a while to comment because I feel so sad for you and really not sure what to say. Except, I'm sorry. I think it's good that the lady with the dwarf goats is encouraging. Cause it's like she said, it happens. And the fact that you care so much really shows that you did everything you could to prevent her death.

    Besides, you can't give up the goat farming because I don't know any one else who has goats and how would I live without goat stories? :)