Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hope started having symptoms like Lydia, our first goat who died.

She is alive right now, but not doing well at all.

I feel like the world's worst goat farmer ever.

Like maybe I should not bring another goat onto my farm. :(

We may not end up getting Jackson if I feel like I cannot take care of them properly.

I am sooo sad.

Here is a site about her symptoms.

I will update in a bit. I have given her penicillin and tons of vitamin b, but it is not looking good.


  1. Oh Lawanda, I am so sorry. I cannot even begin to imagine how you feel. But she is still here and we will pray for her. I am not good at this stuff and I never know what to say. But my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. Oh, I am so sorry. I will pray.

  3. I'm so sorry, I know how you love and care for your little goats so I know you are not to blame here. As we all know on the farm sometimes things just happen for no apparent reason. I will pray that Miss Hope will be healed. My heart is with you.

  4. OH NO!!! I'm so sorry Lawanda. I hope she gets better!