Saturday, January 30, 2010

4H Auction

Our 4H Auction Fundraiser is coming up on February 6th :)

Kevin is going to work on some things for it tomorrow :) He said he may try to make a Baby Doll Crib and a Toy Box :)

I need to get some crocheting done, so we can have some stuff to sell, too.

How long have I known I needed to do this? haha AGES!! Why have I not done it? One word: PROCRASTINATOR!

It was a lot of fun last year, although I didn't quite get the concept. Hey, in my defense we always MADE applebutter for our 4H fundraiser. You know: we worked and made something with our hands and then sold it at a festival, while we made more! :)

So for the fundraiser Auction, they ask that you get donations from places of business which you frequent. HA. I go to Aldi and Walmart and that is about it. LOL

But I am getting a donation from the place that does my hair occasionally, one from our preacher's wife who owns a bookstore, and one from my friend Michelle who does Scrap Camp. Plus all the stuff we'll be bringing, that should do it. Because we are also making brownies and hot rolls for them to sell for people to eat while they bid :) **Edit** I forgot about the APPLEBUTTER my mom is donating! LOL Mommy is also helping us make the hot rolls. So they will be YUMMY :)

PLUS, I have invited EVERYONE I can think of to come ;)

So hopefully we will get a good turn out, and lotsa people get lotsa good stuff for their time and money :)

They use the money to pay for the kids to go to camp :)

Kela loved camp :) Cassie is going with Kela this year, if we can find her a decent horse. They are very excited about it :) I always loved camp too :) SO much fun.

I have got to get it into gear tomorrow and start crocheting!!! :)


  1. It sounds like you have your 4-H project in motion. You have a great weekend plannin' and crocheting.

    God bless you dear!!!

  2. Ooh! You had to mention 4-H! I am dying for our 4-H to start back up but I have to wait till March!

    Have fun! :)

  3. If I was anywhere near, I would make the trip just to get some of that applebutter!! After reading about it for years, it would be worth whatever bidding price. :) Your crocheted scarves are so beautiful, too.

    So it's probably a good thing I'm across the country...I'd go broke! :D