Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's a comin'


I love New Years :)

I enjoy fresh starts :)

I hope everyone had a nice christmas. We did :) Very enjoyable.

It was definitely hectic!! We had like 4 (I think it may have been 5?) Christmas get-togethers/parties.

Fun fun stuff  I tell ya.

DEFINITELY consumed too much food!!!

So weigh in tomorrow is going to be killer. We only skipped walking one or two days though :) So hopefully that'll help :)


Here is something new I been thinking on.

I think I want to look into Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

They are ADORABLE!

Pint sized, but give about 2 quarts of milk a day :) I think they'd be totally worth it. Unfortunately I will hafta save up for them, as they are purebreds, but I think that will make them easier to sell eventually ;)

I may be crazy, but I am going to look into them and hopefully get me some this next year! :D


  1. They sound absolutely adorable. How could ya'll not love tiny little sweet goats! Good luck.

    Have a terrific day and a wonderful New Year!

  2. I love my goat lovin bloggy friend :) and love that your goal for the year regards goats, it just makes me smile.

  3. Yea for goats!

    So glad that you had a wonderful Christmas! May your new year be richly blessed, too!

  4. Oh my! They are so cute!! Makes me want to move somewhere I could actually have a goat. But, be careful! Nigerian Dwarf Goats might be like potato chips :)