Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Goaties goaties goaties!

Did I say Nigerian Dwarf goats?

Maybe I meant Mini-manchas!!!! O my goodness, these goats are adorable!!!!

I may buy one from a lady in california. Haha I know, right? California?? Well she has a lady bringing some goats to Tennessee, so well... I mean Tennessee... it's not THAT far from me, is it? hahaha

It is registered, but she has lost the paper work, so apparently that means I would have to register it as NOA in TMGR. Whatever the heck that means! haha No that means they cannot be proven to have purebred parentage but look like the breed enough that they are that breed. Well, look here. This explains it better then me.


Whadya think?

The non registered is cheaper, but then again, there is the gas money. And I haven't really looked around here close to see if I can find a Mini Mancha closer to me!! LOL

I know. Sproadic is my middle name. Not really, it is Joy, but you know what I mean. ha


So now I got you wanting a MiniMancha milking goat, don't I?

Admit it!!! it is ok. I know how ya feel.  *sigh* LOL


  1. Oh, baby I want one. Of course I wanted to bring the baby camel home from the zoo. They are so sweet! Have ya checked online to see if you have a herd close to you?

    Have a wonderful New Year and may God bless ya'll and the goats too! :o)

  2. Those are some mighty cute goats!