Monday, November 02, 2009

Some funnies related to, what else? Goats!


So we took our goats up to Lower Salem to be bred. I had talked to the girl, her name is Grace, and had told her the goaties had some MAJOR horns. She had said that she'd seen some pretty big horns on goats before.

We we got them there and she goes: WOW! Those ARE huge horns!


Then her sister in law, who goes to church with us, said to me yesterday, "I saw your goats. Those are some BIG horns!!"



Yesterday afternoon, Kevin and I were walking down to Mommy's for lunch, and the goats were all peacefully browsing through all the fallen leaves and so Kevin started maaa-ing at them. Well, Bella, she was the farthest away, she looked up and maaa-ed back. And started walking closer. and he maaa-ed again and she answered him back and walked closer, til she was beside of Hope. Kevin maaa-ed one more time and she maaa-ed right back and it looked like she was asking him where we were going. :)

Kevin communicates with goats better than people ;) hahahahahahaha

(Sorry Kevin!!! Couldn't resist!!! LOL)

When I was down in their pens putting out fresh wood chips, they all came over and was trying to find where I had put the grain. I had NOT got them grain, but they didn't believe me when I told them, and kept running from one pen to the other looking for it :)

They are so cute :)


I just wanted to share. haha



Monday - Shrimp Scampi with Rotini and broccoli
Tuesday - Eggs and Bacon and toast
Wednesday - Tacos
Thursday - Ranch chicken, potatoes, corn, beets
Friday - Pizza??


  1. LAWANDA!!
    Do you live in West Virgina? Why was I thinking you live in Texas????

    Do you know that my husband starts teaching in WV next week and we are moving him down on Saturday?

  2. I do live in WV, and you better stop by and see me!! I live right off the interstate (I 77) in Parkersburg!!

  3. Oh no way!!!
    We are not going to be that far apart at all (well, at least when I'm down there!)
    The apartment is in Danville and he's teaching in Seth at Sherman High School. I was just informed that when we came home last week we went through (actually around on I77) Parkersburg! How crazy is this???!!!

    I will be in WV from the 7th through the 20th. I can take The Husband to work on day and keep the truck and I WILL come and see you!!! Name a day that works for you and I'll be there!

  4. haha I figured you'd have to drive right by me to get to Indiana ;)

    I can do just about anytime during the day on any day! Now, I just remembered... my aunt will be in from TX this weekend, so maybe next week sometime? :)

    Also, if you wanna stop by on your way up or down, we are literally 5 minutes off the interstate :)

    Email me, and I will give ya my phone number! :) mama4joy at hotmail dot com

  5. What a funny guy - burly woodworking West Virginian guy to most......but his wife and kids know him as.....The Goat Whisperer.