Friday, November 06, 2009

School, church, babysitting, repeat, repeat

I do love the fall for church meetings. :)

We went up to hear our preacher up at Elk Fork last night. He had a good lesson :) We went to Marrtown road on Monday. We are going again tonight. Mainly because I am babysitting and it will give the kids something to do other than run around like crazy people :)

I have the kids all weekend (unless something changes) this weekend. We enjoy them, so it is going to be fun.

Unfortunately, that is partly why we are behind on school. I have been babysitting a little more and we've been going to church a little more, and our school (which was already behind) is suffering :(

We are working today, trying real hard! :)

Cassie is almost caught back up in English, but is still pretty behind in Math.

Kela is about two weeks behind in English and Algebra.

Faithy is about three weeks behind in both :(

Raechel doesn't have a schedule, but I feel rotten every time I see those commercials for the baby reading program, and those very little people are reading better than Raechel. It gives me GUILT!

Because she could have been reading by now, if I would take more time to work with her.

All my other kids were reading by this age. And reading well.

But we are going to work intensively for a while and see where we get her:)

Her intelligence amazes me. All the kids this age amaze me, really. I love the whole sponge effect, where they seem to just soak up the learning by the minute!!! :)

Ok, I will stop complaining and get to work.

I just had to express my guilt and get it out of my system :)


  1. You and I are so going to go to church together some time! :)

  2. You'll catch up quickly especially when the snow starts flyin'.

    You and your precious family have a wonderful weekend.