Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Raechel's prayer(s)

"Thank you God for
Mommy and Daddy
Kela Cassie Faith and me
and Riley
and Grama Kress
Thank you for our closets
and for our beds
and our Toys
and stuffed aminals
and Bless everyone.

Jesus name. Amen"

"I need to say another prayer Mommy."

"Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray you Lord, my soul to keep.
Bless Mommy and Daddy and Kela and Cassie and Faify and me and Riley and Grama and Papaw and Grama Vanfossen and Papaw and Lanna (Leanna) and Samanfa and DaphAne and Clara and Randall and Nicole.
And help Nicole.
And my horsey
that is not a real horsey, but a stuffed aminal horsey.
HEY. where is my horsey? It is in here somewhere!
Oh here it is, you was sitting on it Mommy!"

"Raechel you interrupted your own prayer. Are you finished?" - me

Thank you for our house and our covers and our toys and our books and JESUS NAME. AMEN."

"Mommy, I need to go to the bafroom."

on returning...

"Mommy I flushed the toilet."

"Did you wash your hands?" - me


"Goodnight Mommy."

"I love you Raechel." - me :)

"I love you too!"

ahhhhh.... life ♥


  1. How sweet the prayers of a child are.

    Have one terrific day!!!

  2. What an adorable critter she is! I love kid prayers.

    My pastor growing up said that George Muller had it right - you want to get something done, ask a kid to pray about it.

  3. I don't know what happened to your last comment on my blog. I approved it and then it disappeared. Just wanted you to know in cause you wondered why it didn't show up. I'm not censoring you (unless you come over and say something censurable, lol)