Thursday, November 05, 2009


So Cassie and I and Raechel had to chase down our dog yesterday. Which is not so unusual, cuz she likes to get out and run around at times. Unfortunately, this time someone (Faith) had put Sweetie's pink tutu ballerina dress on her before she weaseled her way out the door.

I had my hands full, because I was giving Mommy a pot of soup, which was very full, and I ended up just riding home with her holding the pot of soup, so she would not spill it.

Well, I didn't even notice the dog's costume until I started walking back home and saw her running around down at the chicken house.

Cassie and Raechel had come down to Mommy's and had the leash and I told them not to worry about the dog, that she'd come home when she ran herself out, cuz she does that. She usually does not go out of our sight...

So yes, I happened to see her down by the barn and I about had a fit!! hahaha


I am not fond of dogs in tutus.


Anyhow, so we chased her for a bit and she finally got tired, or perhaps she could tell I was mad, cuz she slunk up to Cassie and let her put on the leash and lead her home.

I made her go to her bed and stay there for a while.

I said, "That'll learn ya, ya mangy mutt." (I am a natural hick)

To which Cassie took great offense ;) and replied, "Mom, she is NOT mangy and she is NOT a mutt. And she looks very cute in her tutu!"

I made them take it off and asked them to not put it on her again!

I don't know why I have such a strong disinclination towards dogs in tutus, but I would have to guess it has to do with my deep aversion to how people treat their animals like people and even treat them better than other people.....

I have a feeling that it would have been quite hilarious if you had been watching the lovely chase ;)


  1. That is totally hysterical! And your crumudgeonly attitude toward dogs in tutus is the funniest part. :)

  2. That is hilarious to think of the dog running around the place in a tutu. I'm not into dressing up your dog either, but you have to admit it was probably kind of cute. :)

  3. How very funny to have seen your dog in a tutu! We once had a bird dog come home in a huntin' vest, we never found the answer to that one. My daughter always picked out her dolls by asking, "how well would that outfit fit my cat?" I'm still laughing picturing a tutu clad canine dancin' around the farm!

    Enjoy your day, you have waaaaayyy too much fun!

  4. I sure would like to have seen that!

  5. That is so funny. I can see it in my mind, you running after a dog in a tutu yelling. Ha ha. I put a saddle on my dog last year cause my son was a cowboy. And I even thought about putting a tutu on her this year. :)

  6. Do something funny like that when I'm visiting. I'll bring my video camera and maybe we can split the winnings on Americas Funniest Video's. :)

    Tomorrow is moving day!

  7. Forget to add, I closed the old blog and started a new one here-