Friday, October 30, 2009

Various and sundry

*Mazie has to have surgery on her wrist. I think it's today.

*My friend Karen had to go to the ER yesterday at St Joe's (she worked there for 25 years, so it is her first choice.) for her heart. It is out of rhythm and keeps speeding up...

*Kevin's uncle Okey died yesterday morning. Remember Seva? Whose stuff we inherited when she died right after my grandma? Okey is her brother. And their other brother was Waldo, Kevin's grandpa.

Okey was a nice guy. He was in the same nursing home as my Aunt Louetta is. I did get to go see him, with Faith, a couple weeks ago. He looked bad, but seemed like he was doing pretty good. He knew exactly who Faithy was :)

When Kevin and I got married he congratulated Kevin on finding such a beautiful bride. So, of course, I liked him! His wife Pearl is a dear. She is living with their son Mike, and I know this is hard for her. :(

*On a brighter note, Kevin and I and the girls loaded up the 2 of the goats last night and took them up to Lower Salem (about 45 minutes away) to be bred to a Saanen buck named Archie. :)

We took Belle and Patches :) They are the more dairy, being Alpines. Saanens are dairy :) I am hoping to find some Alpines to breed to them at some point, but the closest ones I can find are in Woodsfield, almost two hours away.

I cannot wait til they have their babies!!!

Hope's pregnancy seems to be coming along fine :) Every now and then you can see a hoof poke up!! She hates for you to touch her belly though. She is one of those tetchy pregnant girlies ;) hehehe She likes to try and poke you with her horns if you try and rub her belly ;)

She is bred to a Boer, which is a meat goat. But Faithy says she is NOT selling her goaties to be butchered! LOL

*On a separate but related note: Everyone keeps asking for the girls' xmas lists. Well, Faithy's list is topped with this item - stuffed animal goat with a brown head and white body, to be named Lydia.

IS THAT NOT SWEET? I thought it was. Lydia was our baby goat that died. Faithy is my sugar baby. ♥

*More holiday happenings: we are headed up to my aunt Linda's Holloween Party tonight. We may have to rush back early tomorrow, depending on the funeral arrangements for Uncle Okey. I believe the girls are dressing up as follows -

Kela - Pirate
Cassie - Princess
Faithy - Laura Ingalls Wilder
Raechel - Ladybug

That is definitely subject to change, however, as they are my offspring....

I believe Kevin is going as a carpenter. haha

I think I will go as a Mother of four. Ugh. I know ;)

Anyhow, that is what I got right now.

I am hoping to get a really long walk in today before I go. ;)


  1. I can't believe it is almost time to start making Christmas lists...ugh!

  2. You have a busy life Lawanda with all your goats and kiddies. Have a fab time at your party tonight and a great weekend with your family.

    God bless!!!

  3. Goats! Aw, I'm jealous!!! I've always wanted goats. Pics,please?

    Your costume sounds a lot like mine. My boys are hosting a GIGANTIC party here tonight. I bought a spider-web fake tatoo and I'm going to put it on my cheek, that's my costume! I'm an exhausted mother of 3 boys and a wife who's trying to get her husband launched into his new career. :)

  4. Lawanda, your life is never boring! But you handle it with such good cheer and kindness...

    I'll be Faith is excited for goat babies, maybe even more than you are!

  5. I love these activity filled posts. You make me want to go take a nap. ;)