Thursday, October 01, 2009

On the entrance into the world of my third daughter

After we had Cassie, our second child and second girl, Kevin said he guessed we could try again: for a boy. So when Cassie was about a year old, we actively began trying to have a baby boy.

I read the book How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby, and tried all manner of things.

I remember being at the New Year's Eve Party 1998/1999 and my friend Shawna Dean had recently found out she was pregnant, and she was telling me I needed to hurry up and get pregnant. Well, I am good at taking advice from friends I guess! LOL

I got pregnant the first week of that year! (WOOHOO!)

We found out on October 1, 1999 that I am not so good at following advice in books. haha Well, actually, let me just say that it is all Kevin's fault, because (and I told him this) the book said high caffeine intake in the dad is a boy-sperm killer. So yes. I follow advice fine, it is Kevin who does not. ;)

My first words after Dr Sims laid my brand new sweet baby girl on my chest were, "Kevin I think you only have girl sperm in there!" Which GREATLY amused Dr Sims. He laughed about that every time he came in to talk to me. haha

Anyway, back to my sweet baby girl :)

My pregnancy with Faith was a dream. All these other girls were pregnant and were having all these problems, and here I was as healthy as I could be :)

My original due date was September something. My ultrasound due date was September 21st, I believe.

At any rate, I went overdue, no surprise.

I went in the hospital on October first to be induced, and on my way into the room, I went to visit my friend who'd just had her baby two days before. She visited me on the way out.

For Faithy's full birth story click here :)

Among my other visitors were a long time family friend and her kids. She was an OB nurse and had helped deliver Faith. Faithy was born on her son's birthday! She liked that :)

I remember thinking how sweet and easy Faithy was as a baby. And she has never changed. She is my mild child.

Sweet, thoughtful, introspective, loving, easy-going, charming, ADORABLE. These are all words I would use to describe my Faithy.

She is my blondie, too :)

She is also my tiny girl. Kela and Cassie both were little chunky things when they were babies. Faithy never had the Buddha belly :) She has always been little. nearly everyone her age is Cassie size. Cassie is a shorty too ;)

I love her little petite features and her sweet smile. She is always the first one to give me a hug and kiss when she sees me. :)

Her gentleness worries me sometimes, but it shouldn't. She has enough vivaciousness in her to be fiery when the situation calls for it :)

She does NOT enjoy school. She is NOT a reader, much. She is our animal lover. She adores the baby animals. Her heart was wrenched apart when our baby goat died. That was the first time she'd had to face a death of a young thing like that. She loves to study animals and people. Some of the things she says about the animals or the people surprises me.

Faithy is also VERY sensitive bodily. She was the one who had the cow milk allergy. She is the loudest belcher in the family as well! She is a LOT like her dad in her quietness, but she also has a loud side just like him. That girl can seriously belch like you would not believe! hahaha

She is also a giggler. All you have to do is look at her like you are going to tickle her and she starts giggling. When something is funny, it is very funny :) i guess she gets that from her mama. :)

My sweet little ten year old girl.


  1. Flash and Hulk talked for a month about how much they enjoyed meeting your Faithy. Hulk doesn't even LIKE girls!

  2. Aww how sweet! :)

    My kids still talk about you all too. Just the other day Raechel asked me if I remembered "the lady who gave me my ducky" hehe It is still one of her favorite toys :)

  3. What a sweet post! She sounds like such a good girl. And oh my, she's gorgeous!

  4. Awww, Happy Birthday, Faith!

  5. Happy birthday, Faith! Many happy returns. :)

  6. A beautiful tribute to your precious Faithy. She looks like an adorable addition to your family.

    Happy, happy birthday Faith may your grow in mind, spirit and in Gods love!!!