Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh what a night!

Although it was not late September back in '63! haha

It was last night, and.... Whew-eee! What a night!

At 7:30, we were just finishing eating supper...and Mazie called. She told me she had fallen, and was bleeding - but that she had cleaned up most of the blood already!

I told her I'd be right down...so as Kevin and I were headed down we were calling and calling and calling Mommy's cell phone.

Well, I heard Mommy's cell phone beeping in the office as soon as I got down there. She had forgotten it.

We came in the room and Mazie looked extremely pale, and she had a cut on top of her eye that she was holding a rag to. Her arm, my goodness - her arm, it was the size of a grapefruit down by her wrist!

So I didn't even think of calling my brother or sister at first (duh, I know, but I was a bit panicky when I saw her arm) but we asked Mazie where Mommy and Daddy were, and she said they'd gone to the funeral home. I went ahead and called the funeral home and they said Mommy and Daddy had just left a few minutes before.

Kevin volunteered to go down and look for them. He went to the funeral home and then he went on to Eagle Pointe, the nursing home where Aunt Louetta stays, and looked for them there.

He went ahead and came back, and I asked him if I should call Randall and Leanna (man, why didn't I think of that sooner. *headdesk*)

When I called Randall he didn't know where Mommy and Daddy were, but not two seconds later, Samantha called (brilliant child) and told me that Aunt Louetta had fallen earlier that evening and after the funeral home visit, they were heading to the ER to see about her.

So, of course, I immediately called the hospital. They tried connecting me to the ER twice and I got hung up on twice. Don't ask me why, I have no clue why that would happen. *shrug*

Finally I called back, and I told the girl that - I had called twice, gotten hung up on twice, and could she please connect me to someone who would not hang up on me! haha So I got through that time, and I told that lady I needed to speak with my parents and told her they were with my aunt who had fallen (and she checked the list and told me Louetta was in room 9, so she knew where they were) because the lady who lives with them had also just fallen and her eye was bleeding and her wrist was looking broken to me! She told me she would give them the message. We waited an hour and they never called me back!

So Kevin just went on down to the hospital and found Mommy and Daddy, by going up to the desk and asking for Aunt Louetta's room number, and told them what happened.

So they left Louetta, rushed home, and when they got there debated whether or not to take Mazie on down to the ER. Mazie did NOT want to go. But they clearly needed to take her, because although the swelling had gone down, her wrist was still in noticeably bad shape and her gash was still bleeding.

Daddy and Kevin had to get up early this morning to pour concrete in the new barn, so we decided that Mommy and I should go ahead and take Mazie to Camden (Mommy called St Joe's, but they said they were overwhelmed, so we went ahead to Camden even though they knew it was crowded there, having been there not an hour earlier...)

And when we got there, Mommy asked the front desk lady if aunt Louetta was still there, and she said she was being discharged. Well, Mommy told me to go ahead back and sit with her til she left, so she wouldn't be lonely. the lady looked at us like we were nuts, and told me I shouldn't be going back there anymore than I had to what with the swine flu going on, etc. I thought, "I wonder if this is the lady who never gave Mommy the message..." Cuz she didn't seem to care much that a poor older lady was sitting back in a room all by herself...

Anyhow. after AN HOUR they finally did discharge Louetta, and I rejoined Mommy and Mazie in the waiting room.

There was a nice guy sitting next to us :) He and a young couple sitting across from us were all having some nice conversation through out the evening.

They had all got there about the same time we did.

Anyhow, while we waited in the waiting room, Mazie's ears started hurting, and it was because she had forgotten to take her blood pressure meds. So at midnight I ran home and got her meds for her.

After I got back she took her meds and was in the bathroom, and they called my neighbor in the next seat's name, and guess what it was? Brian Vanfossen. Well, that floored me. When Mommy got back I told her that was his name, so after we finally got Mazie back in a room, she went to find Brian Vanfossen and find out if or how we are related. hahaha

You gotta know Mommy. That is how she is. ;)

Well, we waited til 4 am for them to finally do anything for Mazie. Actually, they had taken her for a CT Scan as soon as we got into the room. But the doctor finally came in about 3:30 to tell her that her head was ok, but her radius was broken just above her wrist.

So then about 4am the nurses came in and put her wrist into a sling and glued her gash up.

We left about quarter after 4.

Before we left, Mommy had to introduce me to my third cousin though! LOL Isn't that funny? I had been sitting beside my cousin, even talking to him a little, for several hours, and never knew it ;)

I loved this one fact about him: he thought I was only about mid-twenties in age. Now isn't that a charming person right there? teeheehee

So after being manifested to our relative (he is Uncle Willie's great grandson) and getting Mazie good and doped up and home and in bed, I finally got to bed about 5am.

And then Kevin woke me up (not intentionally, and I fell back to sleep immediately) at 6, or it could have been 7; and then after getting re-awoken at 8 by a ringing phone, and again at 9, and again at 10; I finally dragged myself out of my bed a bit after 11.

I took a shower last night because I knew I would be dead tired this morning. :) And I am glad I did, because I had to go get my friend Karen and take her to her eye doctor appointment, plus go to weight watchers by noon today!

I lost a pound, which is good, but pitiful, since I gained 2 and a half last week. *sigh*

I have been walking everyday this week, though, and I am kinda proud of myself ;) hehe

Mazie is doing ok today. I hope she gets some good sleep tonight, she was awful tired and sore today. Sleep heals the body, so I just hope she gets some sleep tonight.

I am going to bed as soon as I am finished with this post. cuz the swine flu is rampant now and I think Samantha may have it, so I am sure we will be next! And I know I need to get some sleep so I won't be worn down and get attacked bad!

So. goodnight. I hope you enjoyed my hectic post ;) hehe I didn't enjoy it, but it was definitely an experience I won't soon forget :)


  1. Wow, that is quite a night! Hope you get caught up on your sleep soon!

  2. Wow what a night!!! I hope everyone is okay.

  3. LOL - I'm exhausted just reading it! Glad everyone's okay. I don't know how you functioned the next day!

  4. Oh, my goodness...Lawanda, that is one long night! Poor Mazie. But I love that you live i a place with so many loved ones and family close around. :)

    I'll be praying Samantha gets better, and that it doesn't spread.