Friday, October 09, 2009

If everyone could just pardon me (Or the portrait of a real homeschool Mom)

I am so behind on everything.

If everyone could just bear with me for a while, I will eventually get caught up again. I haven't read a blog but my own in a while.... I am just so behind-feeling, and rushed-feeling.

I did not get to sign language class this week. I did not make it to a gospel meeting I wanted to attend. I only made it to the store this week because we had to go to town to get a washer and dryer. :)

Even though the kids washed and dried all the laundry, I have tons of clothes piled up in the living room. I would kinda like to go through the girls' closets to get out what is still up there of their winter clothes. Since we seem to have skipped Fall, I think we are gonna need them. I mean, maybe if the warm clothes are out and the shorts are put away, Raechel won't keep going up to Daphne's in shorts and BAREFOOT. EEEK.


We spent pretty much the entire day yesterday from morning til night doing school.

The girls are not too behind exactly, but they are behind enough that we will have to spend all day today getting this week's work finished.


I am the world's worst teacher. Poor kids.


I hate rushing them. I feel like I am torturing them. I wish they could figure out how to regulate their school work, instead of doing it all in one mad rush. I have tried to tell them... I have tried to help them. I am not great at Mondays myself, so it is not totally their fault.  But I try to get them to do school at the beginning of the week.  They just seem to prefer Monday and Tuesdays to just play all day.

I know I am mean, but I want this work finished by the holidays, so we can do a unit study on WV History and they can do whatever Languages they want after that. I do not like doing English and Math all year. I like to get them out of the way. Because I am worse than my kids. If I don't get it finished now, I will put it off and then be rushing around trying to git-r-dun in JUNE.

No sense keeping the vicious cycle going! gotta break it with these kids, so they don't have my same issues.

They deserve their own issues, don't they?! haha

So we are going to get this work done by Christmas if it kills us!! ;)

Has school work EVER been known to kill anyone?

Nahhhhh!!! lol


  1. Quit beating yourself up, Lawanda! You are a GREAT momma to your girls. :-) can't be the wprlds worst teacher...cos I am...LOL!

  2. Hey, now, no beating yourself up allowed! You (and Kevin... I guess I can give him some credit too! lol) are doing an amazing job with your girls!
    Have you considered having a mon/tues weekend, since that seems to be the days everyone needs a break? Thats one of the wonderful things about homeschooling, right? Being able to work a schedule thats perfect for your family, even if its a bit different from the norm?

  3. I am so hearing you! My family is in the middle of a move. My living room is a tower of boxes and bags. We are on school vacation until this move is no longer an issue. I've felt guilty about it but I think in the long run my kids will be better for it.

    Now, English is my strong point so I am going to help you. Even if your kids are a little older books by Brian P. Cleary helps Here is his site and a list of his books My kids know their verbs and things and all I did was read a story.

    Punctuation paitball is a game that my six year old loves and it's not that easy even for me. You have got to be fast.

    A big list of parts of speech

    A list of writing topics
    the more you write, the better at English you become.

  4. Shirley, those are awesome websites! THANKS!!

  5. And thank you all for your encouragement. ♥

  6. I just want you to know, school work has come very close to killing me on a couple of occasions...but it has never succeeded. So take heart. :) Just keep it up, taking it one step at a time. You'll be ok. :)

    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Relax! You are doing much better than you think.