Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good times.

What? Is it really Wednesday? Wait a minute... It is Thursday isn't it?! Wow, am I dragging.. It still feels like Monday!!

I am having a rough time motivationg myself to get out of my night gown and eat and move around!


I have had a great week. Every evening I have listened to the most humble sincere person teach me from God's holy word. Daniel is the best, even if his voice is awful. :( And his voice is pretty bad. It makes me sad. His wife and new baby are coming over on Friday, well ... tomorrow, ha. I cannot WAIT! I get to hold da bebe all day long!! YES!!!  Oh, and I get to converse with another grown-up too! (That is not Daniel I am referring to, that is Beth, his wife, because in conversation, unlike when he preaches, Daniel's maturity level drops to a 12 year old's ;) haha Daniel, if you read this, I LOVE YA BUDDY, but you got to admit it is true! LOL)

So some excitement tomorrow!!! WOOT!

There will be further excitement next tuesday, when I get more company: my second cousin and his wife, who are coming over to have supper with us and get all the Vanfossen and Metz family history from Mommy :)

They are in for a treat, because Mommy knows the family history well.

Mommy is the most amazing historian. She remembers EVERYTHING, and EVERYBODY and how they are related to whom, and when they were born, and who their siblings are, who they married, when their grandparents died, when they had surgery... you know, all that good juicy stuff!


I love getting company :)

It is the most exciting thing in my life!! haha

And that is NOT sad!! It is happy. Cuz I love people, and I love being at it is a mixture of my two favorite things!

But I do love going places too. I am hoping to talk Kevin into taking me skiing again for my birthday this year.

We went the year before I got pregnant with Raechel. I can't help but think it would be really cool if my life follows that pattern again, too, but that is just a wishful thought. LOL

So, anyhow. I hope we get to go skiing. It KILLS my knees, and I fall a million times even just getting to the ski lift, but it is a BLAST! haha


  1. So glad you had such a terrific week and are enjoying the anticipation of company. Ya'll have yourselves a fantastic visit and boat loads of fun.

    Have the best day, girl!!!

  2. Oh, I hope you get to go skiing! :)

    I lived in Colorado for 22 years and have never skied in my life. I really really really hate being cold and wet.

  3. Well since you like company so much, I will just have to come visit if I am ever in the neighborhood!

  4. Have a wonderful time with your company!