Tuesday, October 13, 2009

4H projects

I know, I know. I always get excited at the beginning and then lose steam...

But it is always so exciting to get 4H books!! :)

The girls got theirs last night. :) Before I tell you about the books, I just want to mention that Kela was nominated and voted in as Club Reporter. It is not a major office, but I was excited for her. I felt the need to whisper sternly in her ear before votings started, "If you are nominated DO NOT REFUSE!" haha

Cassie and Samantha are the new How-How leaders, and they How-Howed all the way home last night. LOVE IT! :)

Ok, about their projects...

Kela is taking Horse again, and cannot wait for camp. She is also taking Woodworking and her book is called Measuring Up :)  Cassie is taking Cooking; her book is cute, it is called Six Easy Bites, and it has very creative stuff in it. Faithy is, of course, taking Goats :) The goat books are called Just Browsing, which I thought was clever, too. I looked through her books last night: very informative. Hers were my favorite books.. lol

Samantha is also taking cooking and has the same cooking project as Cassie.

I tried to get Cassie to take a goat project too, but she decided not to, which is prolly just as well, since we'd have to buy her a goat in January if Hope does not have twins. But I am still hoping Hope gets twins, though! ;) Or triplets! :)

I am not exaggerating when I say that have really enjoyed Faith's books. I read them all twice last night :) I guess maybe that is kinda weird. But they have a manual with them, and it is so informational. I have been wondering exactly what everyone is talking about when they talk about the "medial" and "ligaments" and other parts of the goat, and it had detailed pics. And it had very precise pictures of the udders and which parts should look this way and that way and which are good ones and bad ones.  Very helpful, especially as we are going to be breeding our goats and we want to have a good result for more milk!

I really cannot wait to milk them.

I seriously hope I don't screw it all up. lol

I want to make cheese and yogurt and soap.

Next year, I am thinking if I manage to make decent soap, I will have the perfect christmas gifts :) I have heard it is extremely good for your skin, goat milk soap. :)

On a different, yet related note: I am hoping also that for our goats' sake, we get our back deck roof on soon. :( I don't want them to be exposed to the wet weather and get sick :(

Then next year when we build a barn, we should be able to get some chickens and a cow :) Then I wanna make butter and maybe we won't have to buy milk at the store!!  We already don't buy eggs, cuz Mommy always has plenty of eggs :) But we would have even more eggs. Cool :) And then also, you know, the actual chickens...so maybe I wouldn't have to buy chicken at the store any more either....


Ok, I will stop going on and on now....

Thanks everyone who encouraged me in the previous post :) I mostly feel like a trainwreck, it is nice to think others don't think I am. :-p


  1. I have been thinking very seriously lately about getting chickens. We eat so many eggs, and I want some sort of farm animal pet. I hope to one day have goats, but I think I need to work my way up to them.
    The 4H projects sound very interesting. I have been thinking about that a lot lately too for the kids one day.

  2. How exciting! I always love new books whether they are books for me, or for the children. :)

    If the goat's milk soap turns out, I would be interested in buying from you. Three of my children have sensitive skin issues and weird allergies that make finding safe soaps a little difficult. :P

  3. How exciting for your girls! I remember how I loved 4H as a youngen'. It taught me many skills growing up. Have fun reading the kiddos books and watching the girls discover new adventures.

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  4. How do you like 4H compared to say...Girl Scouts...which I don't care for?

  5. L - get some chickens! They are easy and the eggs are so awesome :)

    Birdie - I will certainly let you know! :)

    Nezzy - I always loved 4H too :)

    Jo - I tried girl scouts for two weeks. Hated it. I love 4H. I was in 4H, so maybe that is why, but it is only once a month, and that makes it better for me too.

    Plus it is mainly for 9 year olds and up, so it shouldn't be a bunch of littles running around... although some places do a thriving CloverBuds program too, which is for ages 5 to 8 :)

    I didn't enroll Raechel in the Cloverbuds. I tried that with Kela, and I ended up being the leader/babysitter. I did not like it.

    Sorry this is so long!

  6. I can't wait to read about your milking exploits and what fun it is.

    Man, you and your girls and your goaties are so cool. :)

  7. Hey prettymama! How ARE you???? Its been awhile, do you even remember me? Wow, you start 4H in October? Our clubs don't start until January and the books don't usually come in until Feb.

  8. Oh, I'm the blogger formerly known as Carol with the blog "Chez Moi". I changed my name in bloggyland. My 3 YO neighbor boy calls me "Caredole" and I loved it so much I decided to use it on the blog. lol!