Saturday, September 26, 2009

My baby is now 5

And she is loving it.


I still cannot believe it, myself.

And I would still like to have another baby. Now or later, I am not too picky. ;)

I would like opinions on something here.

Not me having a baby necessarily, but having babies in general.

Is there anything wrong with wanting more babies than people ordinarily do?

Like for instance, many people think I ought to be more than satisfied with my four girls. And do not get me wrong: I am!

However, I think there is a serious double/triple/quadruple/etc. standard.

People want things all the time.

Someone who wants a better paying job is not told to "be satisfied with what you have." Someone who wants a larger house is not told they do not need it. A person who buys a larger car is not told they should have been satisfied with what they had before.

I just do not understand why I cannot want something so GOOD and so WONDERFUL without being viewed as a nutjob.

The REASON I want more babies, is because I love the babies I have now! They bring me more joy than anything else on this earth.

I can totally understand people wanting to only have two children. Or wanting to only have one. Or even not wanting to have any at all. Well, I may not be able to empathize totally, but I can definitely understand and not judge them to be fools for that. (Unless they don't have a plan for when they get older, because that is a foolish thing, to not realize they might get old and have to rely on someone else's kids to take care of them! But that is totally another post! haha)

But I get the impression all the time, that people think I am a fool because I want another baby or two.

How unjust.

Anyhow. This was on my mind. I guess it is a complaining post, but it seriously irritates me when people do not want me to have more babies, even though that IS what I want.

And I know that God will give me what I can handle. I do not know God's mind on whether or not he thinks I can handle another baby, but I know that he in his wisdom says that children are blessings and that people who have their quiver full of them are happy people.

Well, people! It just doesn't seem to me like my quiver is quite full yet.



  1. Sweetie, God has just made some people to be Mama of many. For me I was quite content with two. Others would not make good parents so they have no desire to be a mama if they listen to the voice of God. Then their is the category you and my sweet DIL fall into.

    She wanted a baseball team and truly meant it. She is a fabulous mom and I truly believe she could handle it if it were to happen. If you have prayed about it and God has given you the desire for more, Well girl, go for it and enjoy your brood.

    This is just the rantings of an old chick but I just feel some things are meant to be.

    Happy,happy birthday to your baby and enjoy your blessings this weekend!!!

  2. Lawanda I say have as many babies as you want. I too want many babies and people look at me like I am a nutjob to. Like my boy and girl is the perfect twosome. Well I want probably four but maybe five. My husband and I have already discussed that neither of us will say thats it we are done but we are prudent to listen to God's voice and his will but I definitely feel that another couple is in our ballpark. I hope you have many more babies to love on!!!

  3. I think everyone has their limit...and should just mind their own business and let everyone make their own limit is 3...4 made me crazy! I do not regret my decision not to adopt foster son one little bit.

  4. If you can have more and can support them and love them and take care of them yourself, my thought is go for it. I always wanted to have eight of them. And it drove me nuts when people would judge me for that.
    You seem like you have more than enough love to give your kids.
    My favorite qoute was in a Family Circus cartoon. A woman asked the mother, "How do you divide your love between all your kids?"
    The reply: "I don't divide my love between them, I multiply it!"
    And that is how I feel.

  5. Your desire to have more babies is from the Lord. It's the world that has bred that out of women. Just like the factory farms have bred broodiness out of chickens. The world says put your career and financial needs first. My daughter would like a baby sooooo bad and can't for whatever reason have one, so they have decided to adopt. You have them, you love them and be blessed. I love your Spirit!!!!

  6. You go for it Lawanda. Plus girls are THE BEST!!!!

  7. I don't think it sounds like you're complaining. I actually get quite emotional with this topic, but I'll try to stay calm. When I was pregnant with Ana and people found out we were having a girl and already had a boy, I can't tell you how many people said something like "oh! perfect! now you can stop having kids!" and we would say "but actually, we want two of each." and they would just stare at us with bug eyes.

    My theory on this is that most people are so busy with their overcomplicated lives that they really can't understand how they could afford the money and time to raise more than 2 kids. And so, they can't understand how anyone could do it either. It does cost a lot of money though, considering we're raising a generation of extremely spoiled children. I say this on a day I have to take my son to swimming, taekwondo and soccer and in 4 days we'll be going to Great America (with season passes in hand). :)

    Something tells me his future brothers and/or sisters won't be so lucky. But really, if we asked him, I'm sure he'd rather have some siblings to play with all the time, rather than all the activities. It's all about priorities.

  8. Well, I always feel like those who have more than 2 kids got my allotment ^wink^ Not everyone who wants kids gets them. We all have disappointments in life, don't we? And babies grow up, so if you want babies all the time - foster them. My feelings have always been that there is only so much earth, air, water, space ... and if every person had 18 kids like those people on TV - where would they all go? Let alone the fact that we can't even keep our current population employed, I have big worries about the future generation.

    So I will continue to roll my eyes every time you mention wanting more babies. LOL

  9. Sweet Lawanda, I figure you were born to be one of those moms with a brood that makes people stop and count you all when you go into the store. :)

    It's really common around here to have four or five kids, and many families have eight! I love to see big families.