Saturday, September 05, 2009

It all went South

or.. Where I've been (roll your "r" and pronounce that "bean" if you will. Just humor me, ok? ;))

So, my sister-in-law Karen, she lives in North Carolina, about 5 or 5-and-a-half hours from here. She is Kevin's younger sister. She is seven years younger than Kevin. She was oohhhhh about 11-ish when we started dating, and she and I have always been ("bean" if you will) more like actual sisters than sisters-in-law. I used to help her with her Algebra :-D

Well, she has THE MOST ADORABLE BABY in the world! So we decided we needed to go see him again :)

Here him is:

And his "brudder" haha

Well, and of course, Karen too ;)

Karen hasn't been ("bean", remember!) feeling at all well. She is having Thyroid issues, and anyone who has ever had Thyroid issues can tell you, "IT IS NOT FUN!"

So we thought we'd take a little trip, take a little trip... Low - ride - errrrrrrr..... haha

We drove down Wednesday evening, after I talked to her on the phone; because quite frankly, I was soooo worried about Karen. They overdosed her on her meds, and then put her on one for her heart that caused an allergic reaction. SCARY STUFF.

She is still suffering, and could definitely use prayers.

I had to come home for the reunion and to babysit, or I would have stayed.

Anyhow, now you know where I've been. (PLEASE roll the "r" and pronounce it "bean"???!!! Thanks!!!)


  1. I'll definitely be praying. (Roll that r, lol.) Is she hypo- or hyperthyroid?

    Have a good reunion!

  2. Hyper thyroid :(

    She is so dizzy and it is depressing her so much :(

    I wish I could go back down, because she is not feeling better at all yet.

  3. Man a dizzy thyroid...tough stuff, I'l be sure to remember her in my prayers. Adorable babe. I just wanted to check in and see how the goat farmin' is going. Have a great Labor Day and God bless!!!

  4. Hyper is terrible! I'm hypo, and when my meds are off, I just get fat and tired. ;) But a hyper's meds are so much trickier and it's harder to treat. Bless her heart.

  5. I'm so sorry for your sis-in-law. I'll pray. Cute kiddies, though!