Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I seriously need to learn patience

Just everything is too fast for me.

I guess I am just a slow person!

Let me just make a list to get things out of my system!

1. I got a new computer.
I used my own money to do it, too! Talk about a feeling of accomplishment. I saved up til I could get me this lil ole netbook. It was $348 at Walmart. It is a Toshiba. I really would have liked a pink one, but they are all to expensive for me. I like the computer ok, but there are no disk drives at all. It is for internet only, pretty much. It is too slow for me to think about even putting pics on it too, imo. So I will be using our other laptop for that. Whenever it ever gets fixed.

2. Because, yes, our laptop is broken.
Booo Hisssss. I don't appreciate a broken laptop not even 6 months after I buy it!!! But the ac adapter inside broke and is rattling around. Like I told the Toshiba people, it has been wiggly ever since we bought the crazy thing, though. So we were kinda wondering what was up with it!

3. Not only must I learn patience with these things
of an inanimate nature, but I must also learn it with living things! And yes, I do mean - my kids and husband and neighbors (meaning everyone else) - but mainly at this juncture I am speaking of........ (wait for it....) GOATS!!

Naturally ;) haha

4. Because if you recall I was anxiously awaiting a call from Kate's in-laws
... Well I talked with her sister-in-law Grace, who is a SWEETHEART and a half! And she said that she'd like for us to bring her buck here to breed our girls, and we can keep him as long as we want to. :) BUT, and here is where the patience comes in, we'll have to wait about 3 to 4 weeks, because she still has a doe he hasn't bred yet. ARGH! "HOW am I going to wait that long?" I asked myself!! And I must've asked it pretty loudly because Kevin answered, "Easy, we'll have a lot of stuff to do to get ready for him."

That is Kevin, always being practical. hehe

5. So not only do I need to try and get ready for a buck in rut coming to visit
my house, I also have all these other things that need to get done around here.

(SUBLIST!!!) a. I have flowers to plant, remember the mums I originally called Kate about? She brought them to me Sunday. But I have to dig up the canna-lilies first, because they are where I want the mums. :)

----------- b. I have tomatoes coming out my ears!! I have been trying to make (Italian) sauces, but I am not fond of any that I have tried. So I am thinking I will just stick with the thing that I HAVE enjoyed out of these tomatoes, and that is SALSA! :) Or well, I am also making sauce/juice tomato bases for chili/Mexican dishes instead of Italian style. they seem to taste yum, and the Italian based ones, just soso...

------------ c. My house is covered in clothes. Clean ones, dirty ones, ones we are giving away, ones we are thinking of keeping, cool ones, warm ones...you know the seasonal shift that causes major choas? That hurricane hit our house this past week, and I haven't recovered yet.

------------ d. Plus, seriously, I still got the normal stuff like dishes and the regular laundry, which I can't seem to keep up with.

6. AND the girls are getting behind in school.

7. Because I cannot seem to stay at home at all! There's grocery shopping, Weight Watchers, 4-H, Sign Language Class, going to the library....

8. And I am having company this weekend + going to my aunt Linda's at the end of the weekend until next Wednesday!!


9. We are going to have that big get-together
for Raechel's and Faith's birthdays and that will bring on it's own list! haha

Add to all this I feel so sad that my babies are turning 5 and 10. :(

Plus it was 2 years ago today that we had Grandma's funeral. :(

Is it really any wonder that I have been going to bed at 11 pm and waking up at 3 am and not being able to go back to sleep?! :-p


  1. That's a lot of stuff going on! I feel like that too now that we've moved. We were not so busy when we lived in DC. But, now there's so much going on and so much to do. Life is more fun, but also hectic and overwhelming at times. I had to cancel all activities this past Sunday (except church!) just so I could do 5 loads of laundry I didn't have time to do during the week :0

    A friend of mine also has *tons* of tomatoes in their yard and recently gave me some canned pizza sauce and chili her husband made with it! Yum! Can't wait to try it out.

  2. Wow! Your life does sound stressful. I'll be praying for you.

    I'm trying not to envy your tomatoes. Eaglewood's dog got into ours and ate them!

  3. Welcome oh thy farm-life. I wanted to check in and snoop out how the goat farmmin' was progressing. I can hardly wait until you post pics of the "kids" and your children too, of course. I am not a PATIENT person, God and I are really working on that.

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy that new computer!!!

  4. (((Lawanda)))

    When I get that stressed, I sleep. All the time. At least insomnia is a tiny bit productive - until it catches up with you...

    Hang in there. I'll be praying.

  5. I feel your pain about trying to keep up with school. I was so determined not to get behind this year because of things we'll be doing (moving!) But some days are so hard.