Saturday, September 12, 2009

A few things on my mind that I have to talk about


I have a few things on my mind.

First, we have two birthdays coming up soon! Raechel's 5th birthday (!!!!) is September 23rd and Faithy's 10th is October 1st. (WHY!? WHY!?!? WHY!?!?!?! Do they have to grow up so fast??? boooohooooooooooooo) So we are planning a nice big birthday party for both of them. Usually we have two separate little parties, but they WANT to share a party this year :)

So we are thinking of having a wiener roast and a costume party and inviting everyone from church and all their little friend peoples as well. Just a big ole shindig! WOOHOO! :) If we do this it will be on October 2nd, a Friday evening. That is my plan so far...

So that is some of the things on my mind lately :)

Some of the other things on my mind are concerning goats. Of course!!! haha

I spoke with Kate, the girl down at church who had the new tiny little baby Ruthie :) and I was originally calling her because she and her dh Tom have a greenhouse and I wanted some mums. So I asked her about the mums and then happened to think about her in laws having goats!!! Milking goats to be precise :)

Well, I have been wanting to buy a billy goat to breed my two new girls with, because I really want them to have progeny so that we can always say "That baby is from Harold's goats!" Ya know?

It would just mean a lot to me :)

So, I have two problems with buying a billy. The first is that every billy, or buck - as they are known in the goat world, that I have found for sale is Boer. Boers are great goats, Hope's babies will be register-able Boer goats :) I love their floppy ears and their coloring. Boers, though, are mainly meat goats. And, while I have a theory that you can milk ANY goat, be they dairy or otherwise, I would really like to breed my two new girls to a milking breed. Because my girls (Belle and Patches are their names) are Alpines. Alpines are dairy goats. :) So I would really like to keep their babies in the dairy goat type, if that makes any sense.

My other problem with buying a buck is we don't have the room. You have to keep bucks separate, because they stink in their manly goat fashion ;) Well, and if you don't keep them separate you will get some pregnant girls a little too often ;)

So we don't really have the room, which is why Kevin doesn't want me to buy one.

Which brings me to my conversation with Kate ;) I asked her if her in laws might have any bucks for sale. I never thought to ask if they might allow us to breed our girls to one of their grade bucks, because I was not sure if anyone would allow my girls in with their bucks because I know so little about them, you know what I mean? Like, whether or not they have any health issues? Which, honestly, I think they are very healthy girls, from what I have observed, but you never know...

So I never thought to ask, but Kate said she would ask them for me, and if they didn't like the idea, she would ask if they have any of their grade bucks for sale!! Oh, btw, a "grade" animal is one without a pedigree, or in other words not registered... They are much cheaper to buy or to use for stud, as you can imagine, than a registered animal. And since I could care less about pedigree, I will save myself some mulah if at all possible.

Anyhow, I keep wanting to call Kate back and ask if she spoke with them yet and what they said. But Kevin won't let me. Which is probably a good thing, since I will be seeing her tomorrow at church, anyhow! haha I am just so excited about it I want to know NOW!! LOL But I am trying to be patient, so as not to bug poor Kate to death! ;)


  1. I'm the same way about having to hurry up and wait about things. :)
    Good luck with your goats. I think breeding them would be best but what I do know?

  2. If I ever get a goat it will be the floppy ear kind. We had so much fun at the fair looking at all of the goats. And I thought of you while we looked.
    I really want to get a goat, so I am probably going to come running to you with all of my questions. :)


  3. Larissa, that would rock!!! Although, we'd just have to learn together, as I am still learning tons!! hahaha

    Their are other floppy-eared kind that are dairy, Nubians, but I haven't managed to find many of them to stud or buy neither!

  4. I hope you get good news today Lawanda. :)

  5. I like reading about your goat adventures!