Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Back to the grindstone

Not that it is a difficult grindstone by any means, but we are trying to get back on track for school!

Too many interruptions!! haha

So, I made a rule that my kids hate: If the schoolwork and housework is not finished for the week, there will be no friends coming over or no going over to friends' houses!!

Because everyone is always calling wanting them to come over, and I feel SO GUILTY not letting them go.

But I have to stop that.

Cuz they need to be here to do their school.

I would REALLLLLLY like to finish up on time this year! (yes, that was whiny, sorry)

SO, back to the ole grindstone for us today.


And this is embarrassing to admit, but I will admit it so you can see what a lousy lousy housekeeper I am:

Raechel does not have any underwear. Well, none that we can find. This happened before, and Cassie found them under the bed, where I had been trying to get her to clean for days. Same scenario now. I am betting they are under that bed. And Cassie is going to find them today or else!


So now you know how bad I am.

I hope you can still bring yourself to like me!!



  1. Too late. We all already like you! As for the underwear... I have a son who used to hide them, too. Ick!

  2. We are really struggling, too! There is so much else to do in life, it is hard to prioritize.

    You are doing great, awesome mama. :)

  3. ROTFLOL. Very funny. When I was a kid we had a boy living with us (missionary parents). He used to stuff his poopy underwear into a hole in the wall. Mom and Dad couldn't figure out where all his underwear were going; he was always stealing the other boys' underwear. One day the stink in the room led to the underwear in the wall. Yuck. So see, it happens to (nearly) everyone. ;)

  4. OMGoodness!!! You guys are crackin' me up about the underwear!!!

    At least Raechel's are clean when they get "hidden"!!!! Although, dirty might be easier, so we'd be able to find them by smell! (EEEWWW!!)) LOL


    I am not having a good day (week, summer season, year...)

    I am thinking of throwing in the towel: sending my kids to school, getting a job, hiring a housekeeper and babysitter; and pretty much letting my kids do whatever and then come back to see me at my funeral.

    But the last part gets me. I guess I will go back up and try harder.

    *sigh* :\
    *whimper* :(

  5. Awww forget it. I nixed school today because I am trying so hard to get the house in better shape. I guess if we fall behind we can always work on school on the weekends! ;)

  6. Oh I think you're great!!!! There will be lots of time to clean the house when they are all gone and then . . . they come back and bring the little ones. hehehe!!!!!
    Enjoy it all!!!!!

  7. Oooh yes! That is some perspective I was needing! Thx Sandy!

  8. So glad to see I am not alone. I have really been feeling like a total failure on the keeper of the home stuff but I am really working hard on it and things are slowly improving! We can do it together girl!

  9. We just started school 2 1/2 weeks ago. This is the first year we *really* need to do it every day. So far it is going well, but I have to admit that we skipped 2 days when we started our "shot time" diet. But we made them up over the following three days. So I'm back "on schedule." Whew. Trying to be good, here.