Monday, September 28, 2009

The apple of my eye


I am over my last post. I will stop whining now! I will not die if I never have another baby, but I would definitely take a couple more if they are sent my way. lol

If Kevin ever decides to give in (or if the birth control fails, which COULD HAPPEN) I will let ya know! teeheehee

So, my post title is concerning Raechel. Everyone already knows she is the apple of my eye. But I am going to re-prove it. :)

Yesterday Raechel was taking a purse to church. It is a black patten leather purse with a pink polka dotted leather "R" on it. She loves having her own purse. :)

Guess what the contents of my now 5 year old's purse were.....

Her new Lightning McQueen car that we got her for her birthday, a Barbie "Kelly" doll (the little ones), a pencil, pen, locket, and her tractor and trailer "car" that she got not too long ago when she heard Daddy was going to Tractor Supply Company and insisted he bring her back a tractor :) Oh and her "moneys" which is two pennies! lol

And when anyone touches the purse, she says, "Stay out of my purse." Because that is what everyone always tells HER! LOL

Ahhh, I love 5. :)

When she is grumpy, she hides her face in the arm of the chair. :)

When she is happy she SINGS loud and makes up pretty songs about how much she loves her family and how beautiful her sisters (and herself, naturally!) are.

She is LOVIN' the chant, "I see London, I see France, I see MY underpants!" She also likes to say it about others, even if she can NOT see their underpants. LOL One of my friends taught her that. *rolleyes*

This child would live on frozen waffles and poptarts if I would let her.

She has recently started saying the word poptart correctly. She used to say PARTARTS. :)

She is also realizing that the words Three, Thingie, and Thirsty, do not start with the "F" sound. :)

She loves to try to put up her own hair, which usually ends up as a tangly mess for "mama" to straighten out.

She has been referring to me as "mama" for a while now, when she thinks about it; when she doesn't think about it first I am still mommy. :)

I love her sweet dimples when she smiles. *sigh*

I love my baby.

So see, I can be a pleasant poster when I put my mind to it! :)


  1. Aw I love 5 too! They are just so darn cute!

  2. I love seeing what little girls put in their cute...she's got quite an assortment in there.

  3. Rachel sounds like the adorable sweetie. Five is such a cute age. The girl is right, it's just not proper to look in a gals purse!

    Have a wonderful day in the Lord!!!

  4. Five-year-olds are such fun! I'm glad yours is such a sweetie. :)

  5. Oh! I so love that she keeps toy vehicles in her purse! I bet it makes her Daddy smile :)

  6. What a sweetie. I love that she is such a girlie girl, and still loves her tractors and cars.