Saturday, August 15, 2009

Who is that crazy girl?

Hi :)

I am Lawanda Kress.

I am married to Kevin.

And we have 4 girlies whom I homeschool. It is a great lifestyle that works for us. We did try public schools, but it like to have killed me!

My sweet girls are

Kela Danielle age 14

Cassandra Joy age 12

Faith Annalin age 9

Raechel Naomi age 4

We live on a small family farm in West Virginia (WV is just as beautiful as you've heard!), on the side of a hill, naturally. :) The Farm would be mainly my Grandma's place, right across the driveway from us. It is owned now by my parents, since my Grandma died in 2007. That is The Farm! :) My mom and dad (whom I lovingly refer to as Mommy and Daddy) live at the bottom of The Farm.

Between us (Mommy & Daddy and me & Kevin) we have cattle, pigs, chickens, horse(s), and goats. Oh and a dog.

The cattle are run on The Farm :) The chickens are a hop, skip, and a jump from us, down at my parents' place, and so are the pigs. The horse stays up in the upper field of The Farm, near my Grandma's old house. We are looking to get a couple more horses sometime. Kevin and I are currently working on fencing our piece of property all in for the goats :) And someday soon, we'd like to have our own chickens here at home.

Other than farming stuff, I enjoy reading, movies, scrapbooking (when I get the chance), and homeschooling my girls...and I love love love BABIES. :) I want more babies, but Kevin does not. I am working on him. I will wear him down ;)

But in the meantime I am going to enjoy the goat babies. :)

That is me in a nutshell.... Kinda boring, but I love people, so if ya feel up to it, leave me some comment love! :)

Thanks for stoppin' by my lil ole bloggy! :)

Check out our Farm Website, and Kevin's woodworking blog!


  1. Not boring one bit. But, then again, I'm a huge Lawanda fan. I hold up a lighter and yell "Freebird!" whenever I read your blog. :)

  2. Your life sounds so interestingly different! Homeschool, farming..
    How you manage to fit in reading challenges is beyond me!

  3. I don't clean my house much!! hahaha

    (Well, even if I do you can't tell it within a very few minutes, so I can say that! LOL)