Saturday, August 01, 2009

We, uh, kinda bought another goat...


Remember when baby-goat-Lydia died and Angie wanted to sell us Bella's sister Alice? Well we brought her home today and we went ahead and paid her, so that she wouldn't have to keep messing with her! haha

She is tons bigger than Bella, which is so weird. I mean, I know Bella was the runt, and all, but Alice is really quite a bit larger and has already lost her baby fur, which Bella still has not lost! There were actually triplets, but the other one, Victoria, died I think.

We dropped Hope off to be bred. I am actually a bit disappointed because Angie forgot (I don't feel in the position to remind her, and it is really not a huge deal...) but she forgot that I had asked for Hope to be bred to a buck not related to Bella and Alice. Well, Blaize is who she put Hope in with, and he is their sire. :(

Oh well. Kevin said we will just buy us a buck not related to any of them next year and breed Bella and Alice early in the year, so we can have spring/early summer babies next year! :)

So, not a big deal, but I was just a wee bit disappointed. :-p

It was so sweet, Hope kept maaa-ing at us and following us around the fence trying to get back to us. She likes us! ♥ haha

Alice seems to remember her sister :) She and Bella are getting along well. I hope they will get along good enough to pen them up together, or we may be in trouble! LOL


  1. I am loving your goat saga. When you get babies you will have to post pictures. I hope the sisters get along and don't act like-well, sisters. LOL

  2. Baby goats are so cute! I can't wait to see the pics.

  3. Lol - the goats are becoming an obsession for al of us. :)

  4. I'm surprised that it isn't standard to not put related goats together. doesn't it cause the same problems as in humans? I guess I don't really know, not being up on my goat husbandry and all! :)

  5. Sounds like fun! I cannot wait to see pics of the baby goats, though. ;)

  6. Good to see you are livin' life to it's fullest. One can never have too many goats. Have a full yet fulfilling day!