Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursdays are anything but typical around here anymore

Why can we not have a nice quiet Thursday for once?! haha


I have to keep telling myself that we will eventually be back to a nice typical week, in which we stay at home everyday but Tuesday (when I go to WW and the store) and do school work and chores.

I like a nice normal Thursday!!

But the crazy ones are ok too ;)

Today Faithy is headed down to NC with my in laws to visit with Aunt Karen and her lil boys :) She is the only one of the big girls who didn't get to go down and spend a week when Eli was born in March.

So they are taking her down and then on Saturday on our way back from South Carolina, we will pick her up :)

So she'll get to be the first one of the girls to meet the new goats :)

THe other girls are staying with my brother.

My parents are also leaving tomorrow morning, bright and early, to go to Florida. My uncle Roy is turning 80!! He is my dad's oldest brother. My grandma had Roy at the age of 19 and then had my dad (her youngest, of 6) at the age of 43 :) Cool huh?

I wanna be just like my grandma!!!! hahaha

Anyhow, they are going down to surprise him, which I think is awesome :)

So, anyhow, we are also leaving tomorrow, as previously stated, to pick up two new goats in SC. We are not leaving til after Kevin gets off work, and then we will be going straight down to SC (As opposed to staying at Karen's) and spending the night in a motel, and prolly visiting with Harold Friday evening and then taking his goats off his hands Saturday morning. It is SO NICE of Harold to give us his goats!!! :)

I have asked a few knowledgeable people, and they seem to think the goats look like Alpines from the pics. This is exciting to me, because Alpines are good milkers!!

And I am so excited to try milking them :)

So, I believe this is the last of the crazy weekends for a while, anyhow! haha

Next week I have us scheduled to start school in earnest. Even though the girls have all already started bits and pieces here and there!

I thought about posting our schedules, but I don't think I will. Because if we get far behind (as we are most likely going to do) I will be embarrassed!

So anyway, picture a downright progressive and ambitious schedule and then picture me smiling until we fall behind! LOL

Hope everyone has a great weekend, I will for sure post pics of our trip and our new goaties soon! :)


  1. We are starting next week, as well. I am excited, and the Princess is, too.

    I am going to post our school plan, but not until I see it in action for a couple of weeks. ;)

    Have fun getting someone's goat!

  2. Have a fun weekend! I'm loving your new layout. I'm sure it's not "new" but it's new to me..and I know I've been such a slacker lately on the comments. I know you forgive me since I have a good excuse. :)