Thursday, August 13, 2009

One Crazy Summer!


It has gotten to be one CRAZY summer!! :)

You know all about my trip to Linda's and then I got home Sunday night... and then....

Monday morning we began what can only be called a crappy day! :)

If you are my friend on facebook, you may know this already :)

Here is what happened:

I got up after Kevin left for work and got my sheets off the bed and into the washer. Then I went ahead and got the goats out, played with them for a while, came back in the house, got breakfast while I messed around on the puter for a bit, etc...

So I went back downstairs about 9:45 to get my sheets into the dryer, and...

I discovered a small river pouring out of the drain by the furnace!

I called Kevin on my cell, which barely works in the basement, but it was in my pocket! lol And I said to him there was water in the basement, WHAT DO I DO?! And I was still walking toward it, and discovered that it covered my feet. My bare feet.

My next discovery GROSSED ME OUT! I said, "Kevin! There's POOP in the water!!! EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!" haha

SO he said, "Ok, I will be there as soon as I can!"

So Cassie was down there with me, and we found the water was all in the bathroom, laundry room, guest room, hall (where I first saw it), and small closet by the furnace.

I started sweeping it with towels toward the drain in the laundry room, but that drain was plugged up apparently :( So it wasn't working too well.

So Cassie and I got the rug out of the guest room. It was ruined, we are just throwing it away. But it took us a while to get it out of the room and outside! It was NASTY. It took us a while, cuz it was heavy and dripping everywhere.

It was all gross.

I bleached and bleached.

I sent the kids down to Mommy's and Daddy came up to help Kevin figure out the problem... While they were figuring it out, it gushed a few more times, and I had to use more bleach. Ugh.

They finally figured out that the septic tank needed pumped. It has never been pumped and we have lived here 15 years. I think we will pump it again in 5 years so that we don't have this happen again ;)

We called the septic tank cleaners and they said they would come the next morning :)

Luckily they told Kevin a few pointers and he got our toilets/sinks/showers/washer able to work while we were waiting, without filling our house with poop water anymore.

Before that we were washing the nasty towels and draining the water into our trashcans (Kevin's brilliant idea) and I realized something: Washing machines use tons of water!!!!!!! Eeeek!

I just never realized how much water I was using... It is a bummer really. Almost enough to make me want to use a wringer washer! My mom used to, and so did Grandma, for YEARS. My cousin Johnny even got his hand broke because he stuck it into the wringer! But seriously, you don't waste as much water in them, cuz you can reuse the wash water for more clothes!


We got it all fixed. I would still like to bleach the floors one more time, but I haven't been able to go back down there yet. Just icky feelings, I guess. LOL

But I will today, because I have more laundry to do. haha

I haven't been letting the kids go down there til I bleach it again. I don't want them to get sick!

Raechel actually puked in the car on Tuesday. I wondered if it was due to the germs, but she only puked once and then was fine. So I dunno! I was going into the bank when she started puking, so I asked the lady for some wipes or paper towels or something, and she was real nice and gave me a whole roll of paper towels! So I got some soap from the bathroom and cleaned up my car... then we went to walmart and back home.

My title, One Crazy Summer, that was a movie, do you remember it? haha

"You know if you make faces like that and someone slaps you on the back, you will stay that way for ever!!"


Our summer seems to be crazy right now.

First we are going to SC sometime. To pick up more goats :)

My uncle's dad Harold Marshall is moving, so we are getting his goats from him. Here they are:

We have to go down there some weekend to get them. But not this weekend, cuz we have to build fence first! So we will have somewhere to put them! haha

So we have that to do, which we are hoping to do this weekend, starting tonight though.

Also, I am babysitting for some new kids this weekend. They are 9 and 11, and the 11 year old is a cute boy UGH!!! lol My girls, and their friend who stayed all night all like him already! haha Lovely. But he seems like a nice kid, and the little girl is too, they all seem to be getting along so far :)

But these kids get here at 6am.

And will be here til 8pm.

Whew. and Ya-aaawww-nnnnnn.....

And then Karen, Kevin's sister, is coming for a visit some weekend in the near future. And then we are supposed to take the kids back to Linda's so they can go to Kennywood some weekend-next weekend, I think.

I am not too sure when we will ever start school. lol

And you know, I think there is more that I cannot even remember right now. *sigh*

I am sure I will remember when it happens though! :)


  1. Ewwwww! Your story makes our problems with a broken A/C (which is an annual event, by the way) seem almost trivial by comparison! I hope things are getting better now.

  2. Holy cow. You handled that much better than I would have. I would have abadoned the house. We have a septic system and I am so anal about it. I have this giant fear of exactly what happened to you! I am so sorry. But at least you can look at it humorously right?

  3. Who knew a day starting with a beautiful morning romping with the goats could go so wrong. Leave it to our wonderful country septic systems make a great day go down the sewer. hehe! Here's wishing you a better day.

  4. Yes I remember you, but it was awhile ago wasn't it! WOW, I would not want to go through what you just went through for nothing!

    I saw that you you go to the cornerstone coop?