Monday, August 24, 2009

The old-fashioned applebutter making

It makes for a long, tiring day :)

We have made applebutter like this since I can remember.When I was in 4H we did applebutter at Grandma's every year for a fund raiser :) That 4H club still does it, but they don't stick to the recipe exactly, so ours is better ;)

Since Grandma died, we stir it off at Mommy's house. It is funny, Sam was pointing out today how Mommy is just like Grandma always was at applebutter making :) She barks out orders just like a Sargent ;)

Sam and Elsie have been helping us make applebutter for MANY years. I am not sure how long exactly! haha

Mazie helps too, her and Ed always came out to help when we used to do it at Grandma's.

I didn't get any pics of Mazie stirring. I hope Mommy or Elsie did!

Anyhow. We went down as soon as my babysittin' kids got here this morning, right around 6:45am :) And daddy was just starting the fire.

Sam arrived shortly thereafter with donuts! :)

And we commenced to stirring, scraping, stirring, ect. etc. etc.


We had a bunch of kids here helping us, because Kela's friends Morgan and Katlyn were here as well :)

So anyhow, we finished up around 2pm with the dipping, and the washing rims, and the tightening of rings, and the listening for the popping of the seals :)

It makes for a great day! I love it that we take this time to get together with friends and make something useful (and YUMMY!) :)

I hope it is a tradition that gets passed on down to my grandkids!


  1. Apple butter is so grandmother's is so yummy.

    Be sure to check out my latest blog post...I think the animal lover in you will LOVE it!

  2. Yum! What a neat (and delicious) family tradition!

  3. I think I am even more jealous of the tradition than I am of the delicious aplle butter.

  4. Aww, that's neat! I'm sure it's a time to look forward to every year.

  5. How cool! Applebutter is always so yummy. I love that it's a tradition for you though - makes it double special!