Monday, August 10, 2009

I am home :)

We got home last night about 20 til 11.

Kevin never made it up to Linda's until yesterday morning! It seems that everything that could go wrong with the china cabinet ... has.


It is finished and put in place now :)

So that is good :) And Linda liked it. So that is also good. :)

We had a good time up there this week. Very busy. We went to VBS on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and also we helped Linda with her Yard Sale those days :)

While I was up there I had a dizzy spell. It happened on Friday night while we were at church... It was rather embarrassing. Linda and the preacher's wife, Anna (who is a friend of mine and very very sweet) had to practically carry me to the door. Quite embarrassing, as I said. It is my ears. I have inner ear trouble with sinuses and stuff. So I took some Dramamine, prescribed to me by Anna, who also has dizzy spells, and it pretty well knocked me out. LOL But I never got dizzy again!

I took another one on Saturday cuz my ears were bugging me, and I figured it would keep me from getting dizzy again...then I laid down on the couch after we finished putting the yard sale leftovers away that night, and I guess the girls tried to ask me something and I never even budged. Very unusual for me :) And Uncle Bud was watching tv, all the lights were on... I never heard anything...not even when Nathan and his friend came in and turned the lights on and was talking! I was conked!

I am not a heavy sleeper at all, usually. If my kids say "mom" I perk right up. But apparently Dramamine hits me pretty hard :) I also took a nap yesterday afternoon, which I haven't done for a while. I didn't have too much trouble getting to sleep last night either, in spite of a half of a Moolatte I drank to keep myself awake while driving home ;)

So, then I got up early this morning when Kevin left for work and I put my sheets in the washer. They needed it, they were pretty gross. haha TMI? sorry! lol

And then I went down and got the goats out and let them play for a while and then tied them up by the weeds :)

This looks to be a busy week!

Isn't that just how it is?

I am hoping we can get our fence up this week, because we are going to be acquiring two more goats. These are older goats, and we are going to South Carolina to Harold Marshall's (my uncle Bud's dad, who we visited in May) to get them. But they are used to fields with fence, so we really need to git-r-dun.

I am also very excited about my new piece of furniture. My aunt Linda's baker's rack is now situated in my dining room :) She was going to sell it in the yard sale, but she let me have it instead. It was replaced by the china cabinet Kevin just built :)

I need to figure out what to put on it now. It looks pretty empty! :) I am sure I will have it all junked up in no time, but I am hoping it will be a pretty addition, not just a junk pile! haha

So, anyhow, I was going to write a post about how awesome northerners are, but decided I would just share a couple things... like:

Isn't it so cool how they say "You'ns"? I love it!

And how about the way they really don't act like they are too interested in you, but suddenly you find out they know pretty much all about you! LOL

And how some of the older folks may seem a little dry humored, but actually know stories that will have you laughing your head off... :)

I totally enjoyed my trip up north this past week :) I was just thinking how interesting it is that if you go three hours north of here, you have northerners, and if you go three hours south of here you have southerners, with the southern drawls and "y'alls" and everything.

Here, though, we are neither! We say "you guys" more than "you all" and we really do not ever say "you'ns" or "y'all"...

Weird? Just interesting. :)

Ok, so I will stop now, because I am sure to be boring someone!! haha


  1. Welcome home! :) I'm glad you made it home okay. That dizzy thing sounds tough.

    Did you get any pictures of the cabinet?

  2. What do you do with the goats? Goat milk?

    Yikes about the dizzy spells! Glad your home safe.

  3. I say "you'ns" sometimes and Mike makes fun of me for it. I blame it on my Pittsburgh relatives. "Yous guys" and 'you'ns guys' are also popular up there!

  4. I get dizzy spells when my anemia gets bad. I'm sorry to hear that you are having them! Glad that you made it home okay. :D