Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I am at Linda's

I spent ALL DAY yesterday cleaning up and fixing up her computer. Now the internet is back to working and since their friend Chuck came over and worked on it some more last night, it is in pretty good working order. He said I didn't do any damage ;) haha

Anyhow, that was my day yesterday. Sunday of course was church and then after church I took a long walk. I did not get to yesterday since my day was consumed with basically computer work all day. But I AM taking a walk today!!! Especially since I ate a bunch of little bitty cupcakes. Those little tricksy things, they look so small you don't think you are over indulging, but SHEESH I couldn't quit and ate nearly the whole box...

So yes, I need me another long walk today :) haha

I really miss Kevin. I been missing him anyway since he started back to work... I kinda like having him around when I need a hand for something ;) haha

Anyhow, since we have been up here and will be up here til Saturday, I am really missing him. BUT the good thing is he will be here either tonight or tomorrow night to bring up Linda's china cabinet! :) He is only gonna be here for a few hours though, and then going home.

I am hoping he will bring Randall's kids up so they can go to Linda and them's VBS on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Linda is extraordinarily busy this week because she is teaching VBS AND having a Yard Sale on Friday and Saturday!

So I am trying to keep her dishes and some laundry done for her so she don't have to worry about that at least!

Hopefully I am a little help anyway!

Today is Paula's little Lydia's first bday, so we just sang happy birthday to her :) I cannot believe she is already a year old. Time flies. It is killing me. Kela has grown some more... We were just noticing that she is now taller than Linda!! She is nearly as tall as me now, maybe an inch shorter or less. *sigh*

I hope I can get used to that! LOL


  1. Sounds like you have been a busy girl.

    I am having a giveaway to celebrate 500 posts!

  2. it's hard realizing your kids are growing up! Bridey was sitting beside John the other day at a resturant and I couldn't get over the fact that she didn't look like a little kid sitting beside him anymore! :( sniff, my baby is going to middle school this year and is going to be 11 in a few short months, Jake is almost three! Where did my babies go?? bridey is almost as tall as I am too, (although that isn't saying much!!lol) So I know how ya feel! Kela is growing like a weed! I have looked at some of her recent pics you've posted and can't believe that is the little baby you brought to the one and only dinner I ever cooked for ya! ;) (I'll have to change that one of these days)

  3. It is always amazing to watch children grow up. I can hardly believe my Tech just turned 18!

  4. I think kids wait until we are busy with something else and then shoot on up in a growth spurt just to shock us.

  5. Happy birthday Lydia. You all have a very fun happy week-end!

  6. Ah my daughter is 24 and wants to be a mommy but for some reason God is not in agreement with that right now. They are going to begin trying to adopt.
    I know what you mean bout hubby and missing him. Mine works from home and at first I thought it would be hard but now when ever he has to go I don't know what to do with myself.
    I get the feeling you enjoy your life!!!!