Thursday, September 17, 2009


Frequently asked questions?

I don't know if there are questions that are asked frequently.....

But if ya wanna post any here in the comments, I will answer them! How does that sound?
Got my first question!! YES! 9-17-09

Q from Larissa:

do [the goats] all have big horns? Are there advantages to keeping them on? All of the petting zoos we have been to they have all been burned off.


Thanks for the question, sharpshooter ;)

Most goats have horns, but some (regardless of breed) are born naturally without horns. This is called a polled goat. Mine all have horns :)

Many goats have their horns "disbudded" when they are about two days old.

"I think of goats with horns and I think of them ramming their heads into my butt and I go flying. Maybe I just watched too many cartoons as a kid. Larissa"

Larissa, I cannot tell you how many times that thought has occurred to me already as a newbie goat farmer! LOL I am just waiting to be head-butted in the hieney!!! haha

I bought my goats with horns and they were all too old to be disbudded. However, I do not think I will disbud the new babies if they are born as horned goats. The reasons are:
1. I don't want to hurt them - if you read that article (and I tried to find a neutral one, because it is a bone of contention among goat owners) you see that it DOES cause them pain and there can be complications.

2. I don't think it is necessary, and I actually like the horns! They haven't hurt any of us with them yet, although Alice has got her silly head stuck in the fence! LOL

3. And also, I am more into "natural" as opposed to "messed with" animals and farming! LOL I think the horns are beautiful, myself. Even though they are a bit intimdating, they are also a useful way to grab them thar goats and pull 'em ;)

I can absolutely see the point in disbudding if the purpose of your goats is to let everyone else enjoy them by petting them; or if your purpose is to have a big ole dairy and you have to have tons of goats in stanchions all at once! But since I just have the goats for my personal enjoyment, and I like the horns; I don't want to go through disbudding them!

Now how is that for a looooong answer?!


  1. Very thorough! :)
    I agree with the "natural" look. I guess it is the same reason I will never have a great dane with cropped ears. To me it is just plastic surgery for animals.
    I love the look of the horns on your goats. They make them look more goat-like. Ha ha. Does that make sense?

  2. Wow, that's fascinating. You are so brave! Love the pics in the previous post too.