Saturday, July 25, 2009

Woman cannot live on cookies alone

It is unfortunate, but true.

I am so ... I hesitate to use the word stupid, but if the shoe fits, folks, it fits.

I got up this morning with good intentions of eat healthy food all day long, nothing but veggies and a bit of meat perhaps. Because, I knew (I KNEW!) I was going to have to go eat cake this afternoon at a wedding I am attending.


It just didn't work out for me. I walked into the disgustingly messy kitchen and wandered around thinking, "I have to eat something. What do I eat?"

And then I saw the box of caramel cookie bars. Mmm hmmm.

I ate 4.

Ok, so I was berating myself silently for being so ... well, sorry, but .. STUPID, and then I ate another while I was distracted with berating my stupidity.


SO then lunchtime comes around, right.

I had walked down to Mommy's to give the pigs their garbage. Mommy gave me two yellow squash and a zucchini! YAY, right?

I came home with all intentions of having them for my lunch.

I laid them on the counter and was cleaning up a bit of the aforementioned disgusting kitchen, when I spotted them: chewy chocolate chip cookies Mommy had given to Faith and Samantha while they were down there earlier. A brand new, unopened, fresh bag of soft and chewy goodness.

You can guess the ugly truth of what happened next.

I ate half the bag.


I now have a killer tummy ache (my tummy has not been it usual steely self lately, anyhow.)


I prolly gained myself every one of those 5 or so pounds I was in the midst of losing.


How stupid can one woman be?

I still have to go eat cake at a wedding tonight, for (of course) I shall still eat cake. (duh?)

Ok, now that I have shared my stupidity with you, please tell me I am not alone in it!! PLEASE do!

And I could use some berate-ment from outside sources, or SOMETHING to get me to eat like an adult already!!



  1. I hate to tell you this but...isn't eating cookies for breakfast what all adults do? I mean, I feed cereal, toast and bananas to my kids and then I turn around and eat cookies for my own breakfast. What's with that? Or coffee...I like to eat coffee for breakfast while my kids are munching on freshly made pancakes. I treat myself right!!! Weehaw.

    ...stop it and eat right, Lawanda.

    There, how was that? ;)

  2. It will be ok to gorge yourself one day. We all have done it. You can always start all over again tomorrow.

  3. You naughty girl! I was just thinking this morning how funny it is that we so often eat things in the morning that are also considered desserts when consumed at night. Like Shane's favorite breakfast at Panera's... Lemon Poppyseed Bundt Cake. And Caleb and I made Monkey Bread yesterday for last night's dessert and Shane fed it to him for breakfast this morning. He said "It's like cinnamon rolls, right?" And I was thinking, "Yeah, but we had it for *dessert*! That could be confusing to a kid. I hope Caleb doesn't ask."

  4. I did not eat any cookies today- only because I didn't have any. *Someone* must have eaten them. Oh, and wedding cake- YUM!!

  5. I am right there with you sister. I make healthy breakfast for the kids and then make crap for myself. I made pancakes for them and put a few chocolate chips in Noahs, then dumped a butt load in mine before I cooked them. There is nothing better than chocolate in the morning!

  6. Actually, I'm getting really hungry reading your post. ;)

  7. You really should eat better. You know better than that! Where is your will power? I mean you know what those cookies are gonna...what those cookies...cookie...OH YEAH! I still have some Pecan Sandies stashed in the cabinet above the stove!(the kids can never find them there)be right what was I saying? I don't remember either but hey, want a cookie?